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Google Plus Marketing Training Courses

Google Plus Training - Google + Critical to Your Business Success

Google+ for Business is an online course that takes the mystery out of one of the most under-utilised social media platforms. From setting up your Google+ profile, joining circles, sharing documents and publishing articles no stone is left unturned.


Google has mentioned that it will be making Google+ their biggest priority as they continue to integrate it with all other Google properties. Learn to make the most of the platform through this video series.
Google+ will make a lot of difference to your visibility in engines like YouTube, Google Search Engine and Google Play store, with more integration in the future. Reviews in Google+ will appear in Google Play Store and even in SERPs.


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    Google+ Training Course Content

    In this course you will learn:
    • An introduction to Google+
    • Why does it have commercial potential?
    • The ground rules; the major do's and don't about creating your Google+ presence
    • How it works - the basics
    • How it works - the advanced and little known features
    • Etiquette on Google+
    • Security on Google+ and avoiding the pitfalls
    • Getting your message across on Google+
    • Building your brand on Google+
    • Connecting and research with Google+
    • Driving visitors to your website through Google+
    • Enhancing your Google+ activity
    • Direct communication within your Google+ Circles and Huddles
    • Deploying within an organisation across employees
    • Direct benefits to your website
    • Google+ and legal implications
    • Your competitors on Google+
    • Using Google+ as a research tool
    • The sector in which you operate and Google+ trends

    What You’ll Get:

    75 minutes of detailed training on Google+

    Unlimited access to watch on-demand at your convenience

    Google Plus Quickstart guide with everything you need to get started quickly

    Google Plus Tip Sheet with top tips for Google Plus marketing

    A download of the slides to view and take notes on

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        Why You Should Learn Google Plus Marketing Course @ Proideators

        Google Plus is a new home for the business on Google. It initially embraced several aspects from Facebook and Twitter collaborating in its own unique functionality like circles and hangouts.  It gives business uniqueness on Google Plus where people connect with consumers and engage your followings.  Google Plus has important influence on SEO and search traffic volume.
        At Proideators, Social media consultants will make you to understand each and every aspects of social media marketing. Google Plus is one of the key aspects of SMM and implementing into appropriate way is the core elements. Learn how to start with Google+ and get the maximum benefits out of it.
        Why Google Plus is important for business?
        Local Search Results - Google + for businesses are now structured through Google My Business, a channel that makes it easy for users to search and engage with your brand. It uses search, maps, and Google Plus to make your trademark more visible in local search results.  
        Long Term SEO value - Google Plus plays a vital role in organic search ranking and brand visibility. Advertisers have to sign up for Google My Business and boost it for your target audience.
        Influence over Potential Buyers - Business review on Google is a mode to get more credibility, enhance organic search ranking and influence prospective users to monitor out over the competitors.
        Promote Google + pages in other platforms- Try to promote Google + pages in different platforms and get the maximum advantage to enhance visibility to your successful page.  This increased visibility will assist to form the community and also with cohesive front.
        Image Sharing – The G+ community responds well to pictures along with textual concept.  Share the best business images along with the text that fascinate audiences and reach wider community.
        Etiquette Tips and Guidelines for Google Plus Users:
        Add Value:  You should always come up with something that add value to your content and give reason to follow you which is the best way to nurture your community.  It gives you an opportunity to reach wider community so make maximum use of it and get creative.
        Engage: If you are updating informative, creative and quality content post, it can help you to get engage with your audience and convert them into customers.
        Respond: When your customers ask some query or share experience then respond precisely and quickly. The immediate response and best compliment can help you to solve number of queries and build your credibility.
        Frequency and Scheduling: Unlike other social network Google Plus has great features where you can update your post as per your time schedule.  You need to figure out optimal time and frequency for posting in Google plus Page.
        Don’t’ spam: Always make use of creative, fresh and informative content in Google + page. This not only help users to stays connected but it also facilitate them to get updated with the latest post. Spam content can ruin your brand status.
        Therefore grab the opportunity to learn the secrets of social media marketing and explore the best out of it!

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