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Proideators is an initiative by a team of experienced professionals from IIT , IIM and Industry experts . The idea behind Proideators is to bridge the gap between our existing education framework and the evolving business landscape. It will be our effort to identify such gaps and offer best possible training modules so as to benefit the individual and the industry at large. With the growth and penetration of internet and mobile we believe the basic framework for businesses in future would be based on the convergence of internet and mobile platforms hence we have launched our courses in Internet and mobile space. Our head office situated in Mumbai.


Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai

20 modules for professionals, entrepreneurs & job seekers @ Mumbai


Become a Google & Facebook Certified Professional
( 1 Training Program - 9 Certifications )


Digital Marketing Overview


Mobile Marketing


Lead Generation For Business

SMS Marketing


Website Planning & Creation


Google Analytics


 Introduction to Market Place Selling 

 WhatsApp Marketing


Search Engine Optimization


Affiliate Marketing


Online Reputation Management


 Google Adwords & PPC Advertising 


Adsense & Blogging


Online Media Planning & Buying


Social Media Marketing Course


Email Marketing


Creating Online Marketing Strategy


Ecommerce Website Marketing


Content Marketing


Digital Career Preparation


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First institute in country to provide learning management system. So that you can access content on the move

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We bring to you the professionals in the business of digital marketing when it comes to training delivery.

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We do not fit squares into the circles. Choose a delivery program based on your job role or industry type.

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Curriculum updated every quarter to append the latest happenings in the industry of online marketing.

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We provide a dedicated placement team to help job seekers regularly with latest online marketing job updates.

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Advice for smarter marketing from experts and professionals to solve your conceptual problems.

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Proideators support you to get all the certification from Google, Facebook , Hubspot and upto 9 domains.

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Choose from online classroom learning options available on weekdays & weekends.

Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai or Internet / Online Marketing Mumbai

 Digital marketing is the word used for the advertisements that are supported out on the web.  The term digital marketing is transparent and easy to understand. It’s a change in the traditional method of marketing. There is a vast digital marketing scope in Mumbai at present as the digital media is the innovative media that works with the support of internet and has demonstrated to be the fastest medium of mass communication.

Online marketing has numerous smaller components that work in diverse aspects yet contributing to the overall development of the business. It influences a digital marketing campaign for the motive of generating sales, brand awareness, beginning a new venture etc.  Generally, it is a one stop solution which is also known as data driven marketing and works over the digital channels with the help of internet.

The scope of digital marketing industry is flourishing not just in India but all across the globe. The year 2016 has surprised the industry by offering 1.6 lakh job opportunities in the digital marketing arena. Well, the next was a bigger revelation when only the first quarter of 2017 strikes for 8.5 lakh job opportunities. Now, just imagine when a honorable prime minister has been actively promoting the concept of Digital India, what do you think will be the digital marketing scope in that nation.

The digital marketing industry is at the top of the ladder at presents due to several reasons; take a look at some of them:

It is innovative concept in the town: Internet has become one of the crucial aspects of our daily routine. It has driven all of us insane.  There was a time when a new serial on the television screen used to be the trendiest topic whereas today, the online posts, new music, hottest videos on YouTube grabs more attentions. What is this? This is a change in the choice and preferences. Today, digital media is one of the most sensual, hottest and trending concepts rolling on the web.  It is gaining more attentions because of the new flavor it has got with itself that tempt everyone from all around the world. It’s like living in a new world of technology.  We all are experiencing a revolution, while we are shifting from the conventional to the digital media.  Online marketing course in Mumbai is innovative program that helps you to understand the digital concept more precisely.

It is Flexible: Since the entire work to be done on internet, there is no barrier of the place. It doesn’t matter whether people are working from their own comfort zone or in the office. All you need is the device that is connected to the internet and problem is sorted. Whether you want to go for online shopping, net banking, booking a movie tickets, learning or making a power point presentation a simple mobile device can do all the jobs. This is a digital age where everything is available at our fingertips. This not only saves your time but it also make you feel comfortable and connect with the world at a time.

It is easy to Understand:  Understanding the digital media and accessing the different aspects is no rocket science. It’s like cherry on a cake.  People who are new to the era of digitalization take some time to understand the concept of digital media. This is only because it is designed in such an accessible manner that everyone individual can operate and learn the concept. This is the reason why our cell phones are now known as smart phones.

Eco-Friendly: As compare to the traditional media, digital always stands apart from the crowd because it works purely on internet.  It is the medium that do not harm the atmosphere, removes hustle-bustle in terms of hard work, long process of work and all other drawbacks.  

Fastest Reach:  Earlier radio was deliberated to have the fastest reach because of the live communications features. Well radio is still the medium with the widest reach but the new media is gradually overwhelming the most prevalent medias like television, newspaper etc.  Today, if you post anything on the web it goes viral within few hours because numerous users of the digital media are at its peak with each passing days.

Influential:  This is one of the finest and trendiest medium that influences the audience within a short span of time.  The social media is the newest medium on the web which has occupied more than 90% of their audience and people are enjoying the platforms of social media such as Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, snapchat, whatsapp, Twitter etc. These social channels have not only influenced the audiences but it also connects the audiences from all across the globe. It also helps your business to nurture eventually.

Job Opportunities:  The employment sectors have seen a major growth of job opportunities generated by digital marketing sectors. The career scope in online marketing seems appealing to users and that is the reason why students, marketing executive, entrepreneurs are showing their keen interest in learning the digital marketing course in Mumbai to enter the industry.

High Engagement:  It is true that the conventional media are being outdated by the internet due to high engagement factors. The brand and businesses have started paying more attention towards the ad campaigns roll on the internet over TV ads.

Small investments and big returns:  Digital marketing ad campaigns offer high return on investments as compared to television and print ads.  The high ROI is captivating enough to grab the attentions of the marketers and advertisers.  

Measure immediate results:  As marketer run the online marketing campaign they can easily measure the performance of the campaign in the real time without waiting for long waits. The leads generation and online buying is the direct measure of the performance of the campaign. The campaign is run over the internet and the performance is measured in actual time. According to the result advertiser plan their strategy for the betterment of the business. Join us at Mumbai