Digital Marketing at ProiDeators Helped Me to Amplify Interior Designing Profession – Suraj Bhatkar


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Meet Mr. Suraj Bhatkar Interior Designer by profession passionately chasing innovation in technology with new ideas. According to Suraj Digital marketing is a combination of innovation and technology both. So along with the interior designing profession he planned to upgrade his skills in the digital marketing certification program. During one of our Interview question and answer sessions we invited Suraj Bhatkar to share his story with us. Let’s read his inspiring story in his own words:

Welcome to ProiDeators TalkShow, Before taking this ahead would you describe yourself a bit?

Hey I am Suraj Bhatkat, an Interior Designer by profession and currently I am working as a Freelancer in my field. I am more into creative and unconventional professions where I need to experiment with new technology and innovative ideas. I try my level best to give my 100% to the work that I manage. Also I thought to learn new skills to get my interior designing profession to the online world through digital marketing.

What are your qualifications and why did you join the digital marketing course?

I am a B-com graduate and completed my diploma in interior designing. I have done a number of interior design projects where my clients were really happy and satisfied with the work. I have joined digital marketing to learn new techniques to reach potential audiences and build my profession as a brand on the web.

What are your goals after completing your course?

The main objective after learning this course is to start my own business into interior designing. Willing to reach new and potential audiences through my own business website and build a strong presence on the web.

How did this course help you to grow in your Career?

Within the current duration of the course, I have learned various concepts that were unfamiliar to me such as website development with WordPress, utilizing social media marketing, familiarity with Business listing, Youtube concepts, etc. Additionally, the course has kept me engaged to learn and explore more about the various features of Digital Marketing.

This course will add up as a strong point in my career and portfolio will definitely assist me to get future prospects.

Tell us the best experience you had with Proideators as learners?

The best experience I had as a learner was all my doubts and queries were solved. I have learned new business strategies that will help me to build my own startup.

How did you differentiate Proideators from others?

ProiDeators was the first organization that I have seen on a search network and I decided to join the Institute for a digital marketing course.  Glad I made this decision because trainers are extremely professional, humbled and experienced. The way they teach every student was excellent and remarkable.

Any piece of advice you would like to share with others?

Whether you are an interior designer, fashion designer or shopkeeper, we all need to learn something new to grow our business circle. Digital Marketing does this for every working professional and entrepreneurs. So I would highly recommend digital marketing certification skills to all working professionals and entrepreneurs.

Describe ProiDeators in One Line?

ProiDeators is an awe-inspiring institute in the field of digital marketing.

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