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Instagram is one of the fastest growing networks… Discover how to use it in our Instagram Training Class…


Are you interested in getting ahead of your competition? Learn how to take your Instagram marketing strategy to the next level. Social media and internet users are tired of reading text – Instagram is an easy way to grab the attention of your audience. Did you know that the average user spends 257 minutes a month on Instagram – don’t miss out on this opportunity to get in front of your customers. Enroll in our Instagram Training Course today!


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    Instagram Marketing Course Components

    In this course you will learn:

    How Brands Are Using Instagram 

    • Discover strategy models other brands are deploying
    • Learn about who uses the platform and what for
    • See examples of best practice from businesses
    • Understand why increasing reach matters to brands; and the downsides to be aware of

    Instagram Content And Advertising Opportunities 

    • Build the scenes and prepare the stage to get started
    • Understand hashtag strategies in Instagram
    • Learn about the advertising options
    • Find out more on content guidelines; ad sizes and image standards and the text rule
    • See how to source content and build material that’s shared

    Understand Instagram For Your Brand

    • Evaluate your company and key competitor online footprints on Instagram and other social networks
    • Conduct competitor benchmarking to explore who is winning the race
    • Be prepared! Delve into your ‘asset bank’ to explore the potential set-up costs
    • Identify who in your organisation will manage your brand in Instagram

    Money And Measurement

    • A review of Instagram advertising costs
    • Explore the management tools to see results
    • Measurement and integration with other channels

    Targeting The Right People

    • Agree objectives for Instagram using a recognised framework
    • Define your audience and build personas to accurately pinpoint the right audience
    • See how to choose relevant targeting and audience options

    Developing Your Action Plan

    • Hints and tips for better ads
    • Build your ad using Facebook’s Power Editor
    • Create your 90 day action plan


    Following this training course, you will understand:

    • If Instagram is the right option for your business
    • How Instagram works for brands successfully
    • What content to avoid
    • The different types of advertising options available on Instagram
    • How to target the most relevant audience for different ads
    • How to buy and manage Instagram ads
    • How to define and measure your Instagram KPI’s
    • How to integrate Instagram content across all channels
    • Next steps to develop an action plan

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        Why You Should Learn Instagram Marketing Course @ Proideators

        Instagram is a leading global platform that allows brands to cultivate their content, recruit new talent, display products and inspire audiences. It has more than 200 million monthly active users and number continues to grow every single month. The photo and video sharing app has rapidly revolved into a top-notch social media network. It is a great for sprouting brand awareness and launching new products. 75% of Instagram users have spent time viewing up for a brand on the platform. It is a great platform that facilitates businesses to advertise their brand, product and services in a user-friendly manner by building up credibility and converting leads into customers. It is one of the prominent places to promote visual content which drive maximum attentions towards the brands.
        Why you should learn Instagram marketing for business:
        • It is one of the most popular sites that has more than 155 million monthly active users
        • Customers can subscribe to pages curated by their friends and brands they like
        • It has great functionality in which users can watch the most standard videos and picture across the network and find using keywords and hash tags.
        • This app has simple editing features and permits the audiences to changes their images before they share openly.
        • The videos have maximum length of 15 seconds therefore creativity is important
        • It allows sharing pictures, videos to other networks comprising Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr Foursquare and through emails.
        Apart from this, there are many other advantages that Instagram apps offer for businesses. At Proideators, learner will gain knowledge and understanding of how brands are using Instagram? Our trainers make sure to tackle all the problems that a learner face while learning the social media marketing course and get the best out of them.  
        Below are few speedy tips which advertisers need to keep in mind, when they are using Instagram Stories for marketing such as:
        Use of proper hashtags: Hashtags in Instagram stories are best if people uses in appropriate way. It increase exposure and help people to search the post first. Thus use of proper hashtags can reach targeted audiences.
        Mentions:  One of the best things that this app has apart from snapchart is its tagging and liking abilities. Marketers have the choices to tag consumers and fans with a modified message.  It sends notifications to the customers and followers with a personalized message.  Here make sure you should not over tag the people because they get notification.
        Try Instagram Live: This offer great opportunity to the marketers to go live and share your views, thoughts and content with users. But the content should be reliable, informative and short which can allure your audiences.
        Share Teasers: Whenever planning to launch a new product make sure to come up with short video clips, photos to reveal the same in the Instagram stories. Keep the audiences addicted on to your brand by sharing teasers of your products launched.
        Demonstrate Products: Make sure to demonstrate the product with appropriate features, specifications and specialties because it connects users with these elements.
        Exclusive Offers: Planning to give tempting offers and sure shots discounts then explore this app and stay tune to reach the customers.
        Share short videos: Keep the length of videos for 5 to 10 seconds and within this time period the video should be shared creatively.
        Therefore the approach has to be focused; consumer oriented and share interesting content to stay connected with audience towards your brand.

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