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DMCP includes:

150 hours program with 70 hour Classroom, 40 hour Self-Learn, 20 Hour Project & 20 Hour Assignments.

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Course Benefits

Digital Marketing is the highest growing industry in 2016



Industry Offering 10 lac Jobs in Next 2 years

Starting Salary of 1.8 - 2.5 lac

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Generate more leads

Start Selling on Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon etc.

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Advanced Digital Marketing Course Components @ Nerul

Become a Google & Facebook Certified Professional
( 1 Training Program - 9 Certifications )


digital marketing course -  Icon proideators

Digital Marketing Overview


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


lead generation and conversion course -  Icon proideators

Lead Generation For Business


website designing and development  Icon - proideators

Website Planning & Creation


google analytics  Icon - proideators

Google Analytics


ecommerce market place selling course -  Icon proideators

 Introduction to Market Place Selling 


seo search engine marketing course - Icon proideators

Search Engine Optimization


affiliate marketing course -  Icon

Affiliate Marketing

orm online reputation management course -  Icon

Online Reputation Management



 Google Adwords & PPC Advertising 


adsense and blogging course -  Icon proideators

Adsense & Blogging


Media buying Online Display Advertising course -  Icon proideators

Online Media Planning & Buying


social media marketing -  Icon proideators

Social Media Marketing Course


email marketing course -  Icon proideators

Email Marketing


digital strategy course -  Icon proideators

Creating Online Marketing Strategy


ecommerce marketing course -  Icon proideators

Ecommerce Website Marketing


content marketing course -  Icon proideators

Content Marketing


Digital Career Preparation

Digital Career Preparation

Internet / Online Marketing Nerul or Digital Marketing Course in Nerul

Online marketing is all about advertising of brands, products and services with the help of the combined media like internet, television and other mobile devices. Running a business in this era is a thought-provoking job. The arrival of the internet and technology has taken the contemporary business to the top level where competition is high, and the techniques of advertising business are digital in nature.  The blend of marketing skills with IT technology is a key to mastering the field, and only a digital marketing course can assist the experts to cope with the cut-throat competitive in the industry.

There are diverse benefits of adopting digital marketing in your professional and few of them are:

  • It is a faster technique to reach the crowds
  • It is much reasonable than the traditional means of advertising
  • It is a very popular source of interaction with all age groups
  • It is more effective way of managing giant amount of data
  • It is more captivating and thus the success rate of the advertising tactics becomes much advanced.

Who all can enroll in digital marketing courses?

No matter whether you are an entrepreneur, collage students, corporate persons or home maker this syllabus is designed for every one and for all age group. You might be thinking how? This syllabus is designed in such a way that it offers benefits to all and at all prospective.

Entrepreneurs: No matter what size of businesses you are running you always look forward to get added benefits and double your profits from the current business. There comes the picture of digital marketing course where you can enroll yourself and learn the basic to advance level of online marketing. This will help your business to develop more efficiently and prosperously once you accredited as a professional.

College students: Here you might be thinking of better opportunity for your career and join the firm that offers maximum packages.  Once you have done with graduation, you can enroll yourself for digital courses to acquire the digital knowledge and get the clear picture of online marketing.  This will help you to get the job in the leading companies with the best salary package and in the best environment.  The training will be provided by the professionals and you won’t be landing up in the wrong career because digital has a wide scope with a great future.

Corporate persons:  If you are one of the marketing executive or professionals in any of the organizations then you need some spice in your career to have the steady growth. The evolvement can be possible with the help of advance marketing courses. This will help you to make your own strategies and accumulate the information to deal with your prospective clients. Certifications are the added advantage that will help you to hold the strong position in the firm and flaunt your talent in diverse ways.

Home maker: Do you think the job of home maker is easy as compare to other professionals. The answer is No! When you have a family and need to take care of each and every aspect then the corporate jobs becomes quite daunting. Don’t you think so! Thanks to internet that has reduced our work load to some way where even a home maker can sit at comfort zone and earn their livings. After all no one can compete with women if they start spreading their wings. The digital marketing course is one of the crucial elements where women can learn and earn with their choices. Here they don’t have to compromise; they have to enjoy their livings.

However, Proideators is one of the prominent digital marketing institute based in Nerul, Navi Mumbai and has diversified branches in Mumbai, Thane and other places in Navi Mumbai.  Digital marketing course in Nerul is one of the prime locations for all those who are searching to enroll in the marketing. You just need to send us an email or contact us directly and our team will do the needful!


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