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YouTube and Video Marketing Certification Training

Learn exactly how to harness the power of YouTube and video marketing with our YouTube training course.


YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms, and if you’re not marketing on this powerful network, you are missing out on thousands, if not millions, of opportunities. YouTube video marketing isn’t as simple as creating a funny video – it is a powerful marketing tool that can lead to broader awareness for your business and importantly, more customers, leads and sales. Discover the strategies that businesses like yours are using to create meaningful results from their video marketing.


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    YouTube Marketing Course Components

    In this course you will learn:
    Module 1 : Introduction to Video Marketing
    1. The power of video marketing
    2. What is video marketing?
    3. Qualties of a Great Video and Types of Video
    4. Why video marketing works?
    5. How Business are using Video Marketing?
    Module 2 : Video Sharing Sites
    1. Top Video Sharing Sites
    2. Top 15 Most Popular Video Websites
    3. Top 10 Video Sharing Sites
    4. Video Promotion and Distribution
    Module 3 : Effective Video Marketing Tools
    1. Tools for getting started with video marketing
    2. Video Marketing Power Tools
    Module 4 : How to Do Video Marketing Right way?
    1. Create Video
    2. Outlining and planning your videos
    3. Creating Professional Video
    4. Optimizing Video
    5. Advertise
    6. Measuring Results
    Module 5 : Video Marketing Tips and Tricks
    1. Effective Video Marketing Tricks
    2. Video Marketing Case Studies
    3. Video Marketing - Do's and Don'ts
    4. Keyword Research and implementation
    5. Secrets of Youtube Title/Descritption
    Module 6 : YouTube Marketing Success
    1. Choice of Niche
    2. Create Youtube Account
    3. Set up Youtube Channel
    4. Create videos
    5. Annotations
    6. Video Optimization
    7. Video Ranking quickly and easily process
    Module 7 : Make Money with Youtube Videos
    1. Monetize Youtube Videos
    2. Access 5 Million free videos and music and earn money from YouTube

    What You’ll Get:

    75 minutes of detailed training on YouTube

    Unlimited access to watch on-demand at your convenience

    A download of the slides to use and take notes on

    YouTube quickstart guide and checklist

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      We provide online /offline training class on YouTube marketing Training will show you how to build and implement a successful YouTube marketing strategy. Learn how to set up a channel and convert leads, Earn Money, YouTube into new sales and customers. Discover all of the powerful new functionality that YouTube has to offer to take your video marketing Training to the next level. With an effective YouTube video marketing strategy you will increase Traffic Earn More money by YouTube Marketing training

      YouTube Channel

      How to Create a YouTube Channel to Make the Most of YouTube’s Billion-User social Network

      Video Creation /Uploading

      Sign into your YouTube account.
      Click on Upload at the top of the page.
      Before you start uploading the video you can chose the video privacy settings.
      Select the video you'd like to upload from your computer. how to optimize your video

      YouTube subscribers

      Get free YouTube subscribers from real people! The network is quick and simple to use. Register a free account to get more YouTube subscribers today


        Why You Should Learn YouTube And Video Marketing Course @ Proideators

        YouTube is one of the most popular and trending online platform where people from all over world can upload, view, rate, add to favorites and share videos online. It has become more than just a place to watch hilarious videos and subscribing to other users. YouTube has transformed into the world’s second largest search network, a driver of online culture and facilitator for internet eminence. It is an influential advertising tool that can drive leads to your business, generate wider audiences, and increase sales. The vital elements of YouTube video is to monetize through ads for itself and for its users that increases a layer of financial sustainability.
        YouTube is available in 53 different region and is accessible in 61 diverse languages spoken all over the globe. In this competitive world, people prefer visual content twice as compare to textual content, thus it is important to come up with thriving YouTube video marketing techniques. Video have also proven to be effective at converting users into customers, generating leads and increasing sales. At Proideators, Experts will help, guide and suggest you with everything that you need to understand about video marketing on YouTube. Learn how to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy.
        Our digital marketing experts will show you how to develop and execute a successful YouTube marketing strategy. Study how to arrange a channel and transform leads from YouTube into new sales and customers. Explore all of the convincing innovative functionality that YouTube offer to drive your video marketing to the next level. An incredible YouTube marketing strategy, will help you to increase your brand awareness, credibility and entice your wide audience to get the effective sales to your business.
        YouTube has transformed the way people explore videos online to a whole new level such as:
        • More than one billion unique visits are monitored in YouTube every month.
        • Over 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month
        • More than One millions users view YouTube every day from mobile devices
        • Thousands of YouTube networks are earning six digit figures every year
        Like any social network, YouTube has its own set of best practices to monitor in order to be successful. Here are a few tips to get you started:
        Engage Responsibly: When you enabled comments on videos make sure you manage them and stay engaged, as YouTube is more inclined than other platforms to generate spam comments.  Also ensure that your video provides value to the user’s at all prospective.
        Comment wisely:  when you comment on other videos or threads make sure to comment sensibly and meaningfully.  While commenting make use of brand that speaks and frame a sentence without any grammatical errors.  
        Advertise safely: When you plan to advertise your brand products or services on YouTube channels, make sure it should be short, crispy, user-friendly, fascinating and useful. Advertising on YouTube can help you to get revenue for your business.
        Liking and subscribing: Most of times people come across with the fascinating videos that triggered their mind, people probably click on like button, favorite and subscribes the video. This will shows up on their profile page as a video people favorited, sharing it with their friends and subscribers. Subscribing to someone’s channels means, getting updated on their latest videos, uploads and favorites in the feed on profile page.
        Uploading videos: Few things to consider before uploading videos on YouTube channels such as, make sure that description is SEO-friendly, Title and keywords are well optimized and videos are precisely categorized.  Try to add short, precise, relevant and informative content on video with compelling visual effects.  Make your video in such a way that when people search for the video it should be accessible for all types of users and search bots.

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