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Google Adwords Course

Marketing Funnel Overview Understanding impressions, CTR, Clicks, Conversion ratio, Leads, Conversions, Optimisation Metrics Understanding payment terms CPC, CPM, CPL, CPA. Coversion from CPC to ecpm, ecpa and vice versa.

Google Adwords certification program is must to do for all those who want to get started with digital advertising. This programs focuses on covering every component related to Google Adwords campaign management. It's an advanced program that starts with basics and gradually advances to best techniques and tricks used by Adwords professionals to manage the ad campaigns.

Attendees will cover search, display, video, mobile and shopping ads.

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Google Adwords Course Components

Adwords Fundamentals

Know the importance of using Adwords as a paid marketing tool. MCC- My client center creation, Understanding hierarchy, RTB- Real Time Bidding.

Campaign Setup

Account creation, Billing methods and understanding the Adwords Hierarchy

Search Campaign Creation

Create your first Adwords search campaign step by step through google adwords.  Understanding Landing pages, landing page essentials, A-B testing, Split testing

Bidding Management

Know the different bid types and how to use them effectively through bidding managment

Search Campaign Optimisation

Understanding key parameters to improve optimisation, understanding impression shares, ad rank calculation. Optimisation for devices, location, time zones etc


Ad Copy Optimization

 Learn art of creating ads that get people impressed and result in clicks

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic url tracking, understanding url structure and parameters.

Conversion Tracking

How to set up conversion tracking code, tracking assisted conversions and impressions, first click , last click analysis

Ad Extension & Match Types

Create effective ads and improve their quality score by right match types and using extensions

Remarketing Campaign Setup

Stay on top of mind of people visiting your business with remarketing

Mobile Ads

Learn how to create effective mobile ads and get more app installs

Shopping Ads

Create product listing and dynamic remarketing ads for your ecommerce site

Video Ads

Understanding Video ad formats, bidding , true view video ads, remarketing etc

Performance Metrics

Understanding search impression metrics, display impression metrics, Ad rank calculations, Cost of clicks.

Ads Testing

Understanding Landing pages, landing page essentials, A-B testing, Split testing

Google Analytics

Get insights on traffic behaviors and acquisition channels of your website

Advantages Of Google Adwords Course From PROIDEATORS

Assistance in Google Adwords certification.

You think of a domain name and buy the same, we offer you a server space on which you can run your adwords campaign live.

Every digital marketing batch gets to create a real time live campaign on Google Adwords. This ensures the learning and implementation are perfect.

Learn it from Google Partners.

Access to live adwords data so as to understand key metrics like SIS, Segement Data, Automation rules, Conversion data

Get the Specialization of Google Adwords Course @ PROIDEATORS

Google Adwords certification course is nuts and bolts for all those who want to pursue with digital marketing. This syllabus covers the entire element related to Google Adwords campaign management. It is an advance syllabus that begins with basic and slowly moves towards the cutting-edge techniques that can be used by PPC specialist to achieve the ad campaigns. It is a cost effective way of generating highly relevant leads for your business. 

The best thing about search engine marketing (SEM) is that it delivers appropriate targeting, which assist you to target users based on their comforts, place, demographics and time. Google Adwords Certification is an expert qualification that Google provides to individual who have an in-depth understanding of advance components of Adwords. It’s a proof that Google identifies them as a proficient in online marketing.  This course will help you in learning the most important aspects of setting budget that will enhance your skills in writing ad copy and manage prosperous Adword campaign.  The attendees will cover search, display, video, mobile and shopping ads.

PROIDEATORS Digital marketing consultants help; suggest and guide you through entire marketing prospects with its advantages and disadvantages. The team uses its domain expertise to help increase your business revenue to the edge. Our experts devise customized strategize suited to your business needs and requirements and enables you to reap in complete privileges of digital marketing. We help to enhance your business with suitable marketing plans, create brand awareness, build loyal customer base, help you to lower your input cost, build proper campaign that leaves lasting impression, generate sale leads and better your returns on investment. We offer numerous services that help you to achieve the set goals of your business. Digital marketing consultant monitors like a mentor and demonstrates the steps to follow in digital marketing leading to prolonged business prosperity.

The reasons why people go for paid marketing is prompt results, branding and lead generation. We provide Search Engine Marketing training and Google Adwords certification course in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Our Digital marketing Experts don’t just speak but deliver! We stand for our words and set the precedence for others to follow. For us service is the priority!

So what are you waiting for! Just call or visit us or write to us and we will do the needful!


Google Adwords Training FAQs.

Will I Be Able To Successfully Manage Online Marketing For Any Organisation ?

The Google adwords training program takes you through simulated tests and conditions so as to equip you with the right approach and practise for running a successful adwords campaign

What Kind Of Exposure In Strategy Will I Get At PROIDEATORS Google Adwords Course ?

The trainers at PROIDEATORS are Google certified professionals with an avg industry experience of over 8 years. The exposure that you get during this course is not only theoretical but also based on their learning throughout the career

What Skills Do I Need To Posses To Learn Google Adwords Campaigns Perfectly And Shine As A A PPC Expert?

You should have a passion for marketing wherein words like brand, customer retention and behaviour, analysis, sales cycle, ROI etc should not be alien to you. To get the right essence of Google Adwords course you should have a decent command over language, a vigilant eye to notice what competitors and the industry practices are, a thoughtful mind to be innovative and effective with Ad copies, Landing Pages

What Are The Chances Of Job Placement Post The Digital Marketing Course At PROIDEATORS?

One sector which has been recruiting at a decent pace has been the digital media industry and with the riding wave every successful student at PROIDEATORS will have 100% opprotunity to get into jobs. Mumbai has already seen a growing demand of digital marketers and a host of our clients are from Mumbai. We have had media agencies and organisations from Mumbai and Pune eyeing our students. PROIDEATORS Placements

Do We Get To Work On Live Projects?

While being a part of the program at PROIDEATORS you would have to create a business website on which you get to spend money ( you pay rs 500 and get rs 2000 additional ) for hands-on learning.Real time access to live data helps you understand optimization metrics.

Why PROIDEATORS Digital Marketing Institute?

We have successfully trained over 1000 students with more than 500 Google Adwords certified students. The quality of our trainers reflect in the quality of our students

What Kind Of Support Can We Expect Post The Google Adwords Course

Our trainers are just ca phone call away to help you if you ever get stuck with your Google Adwords campaigns.

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Yes, we do provide job assistant. We line-up interviews for our trainees who are looking for job.


We provide industry recognized certification in digital marketing recognized all over India in any industry.



Of course, you can pay in two easy instalments



Missed Class, not a problem at all. Yes, we do provide 12hrs free back-up classes.


The average package for complete digital marketing profile is 3.20 lpa.