Let’s be extraordinary.

At ProiDeators Media, we turn dreams into reality. Our aim is to enhance digital marketing skills and train millions of people to be self employed and get placed in any of the top reputed organization.
Start thinking creatively and become a part of India’s most credible brand in digital education.

Explore the world of new prospects with us!

At ProiDeators Media, we believe in cultivating talent, investing in expansion and progress of employees and make them stand ahead in their career.
We provide you with the best career options which help you to evolve and enhance your ambition. We work as a team on complete transparency, loyalty and simplicity. We cultivate each and every individual talent, enhance their skills sets and modify the work lifestyle.


Life @ ProiDeators

1 Training-and-Development

Training & development

Our inhouse academy program helps every team member get a thorough understanding of activities beyond their responsibility areas. The inhouse and guest faculties ensure that the learning never stops!

4 Opportunities


A small robust team means, interesting opportunities are always around the corner. There’s always something new happening around that you can take charge of and lead the way.

Flexible work environment

We’re a team driven by ownership. We don’t expect you to stay within office till a stipulated time. Work finished for the day? Just leave, and chill! Likewise, we have flexi in-timings to accommodate the comforts of ideators living close or away from the headquarters.

2 Flexible-work-environment

Not Your Usual Day – Monthly Chill Fest!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We sincerely believe this! There are lots of competitions, events, parties happening all the time to help you blow off some steam.

3 Intrapreneurship


Do you have a knack to solve problems? Pick one, solve and get recognized. We may even fund the project, engage internal resources, introduce you to our associates for the project to scale.


Coffee & Chai!

There’s coffee & tea to lighten up an otherwise heavy day. Well, when everything goes south, coffee makes everything all right. Doesn’t it?