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Social Media Marketing Course

With the rising popularity of social media platforms, each social media platform lends immense advertising platform besides offering an option to create a word of mouth publicity, virality and largest set of target audience at single platform.The social media training is a part of the entire digital marketing course which will help you structure your social media marketing campaigns , understand user, understand various social media platform specific characteristics, understand engagements, responses and integration w.r.t to the overall digital marketing campaign. .

It gives you a instant insight and you walk with quick strategy building templates and exercises that makes you capable and execute any social media campaign.

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    Social Media Marketing Course Components

    Social Media Fundamentals

    Learn the importance of a  Social Media as a Digital Marketing Tool

    Social Media Profile Creation

    Learn how to build and optimize profile on different social media channels.

    Campaign Management

    Learn how to plan and create Social Media Campaign Strategy to get traffic

    Social Media Content Planning

    Learn how to plan Daily, Monthly and Quarterly for social media campaign posts

    Social Media Advertising

    Learn how to leverage the paid promotions on social media marketing channels

    Social Media Reporting

    Learn how to create reports that can prove Rate Of Interest from social media

    Online Reputation Management

    Manage Brands social mentions and sentiments through online reputation managment


    Page Creation; Page Settings. Business Manager; Adwords manager; Campaign-Goals.

    Targeting options- demographics, work title- education etc; Audience creation- remarketing-email list etc; Lead gen campaign usings power editor; Ad copy and formats.

    Instagram linking; Instagram Ads through facebook ads manager; Strategy- When to boost post, page, website traffic etc; Facebook Apps.


    Hashtags; Handle.

    Twitter ads; Tweet scheduling.

    Tweetdeck-trend tracking, competitor tracking, keyword analysis; Twitter Card; Open Graph.


    Channel; Video manager; Youtube SEO.

    Annotations; Cards; Playlist creation;  tags,


    Company Page; Showcase Page; Paid campaign promotion.  

    Social Media Monitoring

    Hootsuite; Social mention; Sentiment analysis.

    Trends;More Tools.

    Live Video Streaming

    Youtube; Meerkat; Periscope

    Social Media Analysis

    Learn how to analyze the social presence of the companies on web

    Advantages Of Social Media Marketing Course From Proideators

    Learn from the most experience trainers available in the business

    Increased Brand Awareness

    More Inbound Traffic & Brand Authority

    Improved Search Engine Rankings

    Higher Conversion Rates

    Better Customer Satisfaction

    Improved Brand Loyalty


    Gain Marketplace Insights

    Learn it from Google Partners

    Why You Should Learn Social Medial Marketing @ PROIDEATORS

    Social media marketing is a key to acquire leading traffic and responsiveness through various social media platforms. It is a method of online advertising that relates through varied social media channels to get success in branding ideas and marketing collaboration. It is a state-of-art technology that consists of social sharing content, images, and videos for advertising purposes. Social media is a leading marketing strategy used for prosperous business and helps to develop the existence of a website on search engine. It is a mode of communication with people for the development of flourishing business and collaborates with audience for longer period of time. Its footprints are long lasting and its impact is sustainable.

    Social media marketing courses provides dynamic marketing campaign which influence audience towards business products and services. It is not only imperative and but also essential for every booming business to come up with exceptional concepts and ideal model that help to stand out in competitive pace of marketing. The marketing dynamics are changing and social media now has a key role in it. We have mastered the social media marketing strategy and we come up with customized components and benefits for our trainees. We provide great services in this domain that helps to increases prominence and enables to achieve number of objectives.

    PROIDEATORS social media marketing programs demonstrate how to drive appropriate revenue through social media platforms such as Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, social media optimization and more.  The modules helps social media experts, students and entrepreneurs to stay informed on the latest social media trends.

    Why Businesses are using Social Media?

    Build Reach: Customers access Social Media content while viewing at updates from friends, searching and Ads. Business can get their message delivered through all these channels.

    Reach The Target Audiences: Social Media is the leading platform to accumulate viewers & encourages them before they are sales-ready.

    Build Relationships: Why search anywhere else when you can hold your users, audiences, sellers and partners on social medial channels regularly.

    Build Brand: To get the significance success and continuity in business brand loyalty plays a pivotal role. Social Media provides an opportunity to create brand advocacy, which ultimately leads to approach prominent customers.

    Why take training when you can outsource?

    Social media is a comparatively promising media for businesses. There are number of prominent agencies trying to figure out how to use it successfully to accomplish business goals. Also the consumption of social media is not restricted to marketing. Industries are using it for Sales, HR, CRM, Product Development and many other prospects. Thus it is important for you to possess the knowledge of social media before implementing the strategy. For social media marketing course certification you go no further than us! We always serve our best and honor to guide anything that relates to digital marketing. Join Institute of Digital Marketing in Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.


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