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Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform for driving targeted buyer traffic for your offers without investing a fortune


  • Snapchat is currently valued at above $16Billion
  • Snapchat delivers more than 7 Billion videos to users each day
  • With 9000 snaps shared every second, Snapchat has gone from strength to strength
  • At a linear monthly growth rate of 33%, Snapchat will surpass 18 Billion daily video views by May 2017
  • Snapchat ads are seen anywhere between 500,000 to a Million times per day
  • 60% of all smartphone users are now using Snapchat


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    Snapchat Marketing Course Components

    In this course you will learn:

    An Introduction to Snap Inc

    • Insight into the platform and parent company

    • Putting Snapchat into the wider context of Snap Inc’s ambitions

    • Review of competitive apps and platforms around the world

    • Analysis of the effect of Instagram Stories on Snapchat’s growth and prospects

    Measurement and Reporting

    • Objective-setting through measurement frameworks

    • Tools to capture data on content performance and growth

    • Measuring ROI on regular activity and campaigns

    How Brands Use Snapchat

    • Analysis of how brands use Snapchat and how that varies across sectors

    • Insight into posting frequency, behaviour and engagement benchmarks

    • Review of content types that work across sectors

    • Defining editorial mix, and how brands plan content

    • Why brands post – objectives and goals for different businesses

    Building Engaged Communities

    • Explore different approaches to content creation, from candid to highly produced content

    • Promoting your Snapchat profile

    • Cross-pollenating content on other platforms

    • Publishing behaviour and techniques

    Advertising Products

    • Geofilters – how to design, produce and deploy location-based filters

    • Snap Ads – how to plan, buy, traffic and measure campaigns

    • Sponsored Lenses – how they’re produced and deployed

    • Snapchat API – how to leverage other platforms which access deeper ad features


    Following this training course, you will understand:

    • If Snapchat is the right channel for your business
    • How brands have successfully leveraged Snapchat 
    • What content to avoid
    • The different types of advertising options available on Snapchat
    • How to target the most relevant audience
    • How to define and measure your KPI’s
    • How to integrate Snapchat content across all channels
    • Next steps to develop a Snapchat marketing plan


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        Why You Should Learn Snapchat Marketing Course @ Proideators

        Snapchat has strengthened its position as the accredited winner of social media platforms for millennials.  It has grown steadily with more than 170 million daily active users all across the globe, signing up a net worth of $17 Billion, turning snap chat marketing into a fascinating prospect. Due to its great features, well-secured privacy, creative filters, and exciting activities makes the user interaction interesting and cheerful.  Businesses who are taking an advantage of using snap chat are getting outstanding results from their campaigns.
        This evolving platform has set its own bench mark in the industry and no one can deny with this. It offers number of benefits that can help individual and brands to nurture swiftly. If you are a new learner and wanted to enhance your skill in social media marketing then you must go for diverse elements that covers in SMM. Snap Chat marketing is one of the key component of SMM which can help you to reach new audiences with less competition. At Proideators, all the modules are covered and taken care appropriately. Our Trainers make sure to explain the things in details with live projects, case studies and examples etc.
        Snapchat has changed the way Businesses market on Social Network through different medium to new level such as:
        Reach New Audiences: It gives an opportunity to reach your new audiences more than any other platform. Whether you are promoting your business product or services it is always good to use such platform to reach targeted and potential users.
        Build Credibility: Unlike other social media platform it has set its own standard and comes with horde of new features that entice users all over the world. At the same time it has well-secured privacy, photo edited option, real-time videos, emojis, doodles and quirky content. 
        Less Competition: There are number of social media platform and brands that need to exist seems to have strong social presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It becomes quite challenging to sustain, reach the prospective audiences and get your content to stand apart from the crowd in this popular mediums. Whereas Snapchat is increasing in popularity amongst brands but there are still less competition for businesses as compare to other mediums.  Thus it’s an open door opportunity for corporate
        Uniqueness: Advertising in Snapchat is quite different from other platforms because here you have to come up with the content that fascinates your audiences. Reaching the users in an innovative way is bit challenging but it is also a big advantage.
        However the app’s features are still limited but it is a creative playground where content developer can come up with new concept and project and get some interesting ways to transform these for other platforms. The reason it is still in its fantasy and lot easier to get notices on the platform.

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