ProiDeators Helped Me to Grow my Business Digitally – Shilpa Ajay Bedekar


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The era of marketing has changed immensely from the past few years. These days having an online presence is crucial for all sorts of businesses. Digital Marketing is booming like anything and people are openly participating in this to enhance their skills sets. ProiDeators has come up with small interview sessions with their former trainees to understand their journey. Meet Shilpa Ajay Bedekar who has shared her experiences with us. So let’s read her story in her own words:

Hey Shilpa, Glad to connect with you! Before taking this ahead we would like to hear a bit about you?

Hey I am Shilpa Ajay Bedekar and I am working in a Melton Group organization based in Thane Maharashtra. I am a B-Com graduate and working there as DSA. My job role is to search potential customers and connect with banks to sanction their loan process and make it easy to fulfill our customer’s needs. I work as a direct selling agent for melton group and we have tie-ups with a number of banks that offer financial services.

What really fascinated you to join digital marketing at ProiDeators?

These days everything is digitalized and businesses are participating on a large scale. For that reason I have to upgrade my skills especially in digital marketing. Thus I have joined ProiDeators digital marketing institute in Thane. I have checked the centre personally and found this was one of the leading institutes based in Thane which holds experienced and value added trainers to their branch. This was the key reason that fascinated me to join the digital marketing institute.

How this course did helped you to grow in your business?

BY learning digital marketing concepts now I can reach our potential audience through social media campaigns, Google ads and websites. This has really helped my small business to grow potentially in different digital platforms.

How did you differentiate us from others and selected our Institute over others?

This institute holds 10+ years of experience trainers and they have branches all across Mumbai, outside Mumbai and India as well. I have met the trainer personally at their center. The conversation with the trainers made me join the course. I was really impressed so I made my decision to join.

When I compare this institute from others I have found a number of loopholes such as time flexibility, convenience and syllabus where not matching what actually I was looking out. So I decided to go with this Institute.

Do you think ProiDeators is a trusted source for Digital Marketing Training & Why?

Undoubtedly, ProiDeators is a trustworthy and credible source for digital marketing training. They have trained different age group people and given them their hard core time and share their real life experiences. They have trained entrepreneurs, working professionals, graduates and our homemakers. So what else do you need?

 What rating would you like to give out of 10 to your institute?

I would surely give 9/10.

Would you like to give a piece of advice to a working professional?

I would say to all working professionals to upgrade their skills to improve their pay scale and set the bars for the company to get pay at your level.

Finally we are at the end of our Interview Session Describe Proideators in one line?

ProiDeators Institute is the leading place to sharpen your skills!

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