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Meet Prachi Sinha, and she is a makeup artist by profession. She is a passionate learner and ready to learn new skills that can help her to promote her profession to the next level. She believes that learning new things not only help you to acquire new skills but also make you utilize those skills in your profession. I have learned digital marketing to promote my brand and reach new audiences through digital channels.

During one of our Talk Shows we have invited Prachi Sinha to share her journey with us. Let’s read her story in her own words:

Hey Prachi, Before starting with the Talk Show we would like to know a bit about you?

Myself Prachi Sinha and I am from Bihar. Currently I am In Mumbai and I am a makeup artist by profession. So far I was reaching my clients through word of mouth or referral promotions through my friends, relatives and near one. But I want to create a brand for my profession so I started with social media marketing. I have my own social media presence in Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. This is a small effort taken from my end to create a brand but this was not sufficient. Thus I decided to join ProiDeators Digital Marketing Institute.

What are your qualifications and why did you join the digital marketing course?

I am a BSC graduate and soon after my graduation I have joined VLCC academy to complete my cosmetologist course program. I hold 2 years of experience as a makeup artist and have served many clients. Reason to join the digital marketing course is to get my offline presence online. Wanted to promote my brand PrachiGlamm through social media and other digital marketing channels.

What are your goals after completing your course?

I want to take my brand to the highest level of the pyramid. I have already started working on a digital platform. Started using social media to reach a wider audience and new clients. These are the most fascinating skills that can help me to continue my passion through digital. Both will work hand in hand. Once I reach my set goals I will hire an agency to work for me.

How did this course help you to grow in your Career?

The course has given me a number of opportunities to promote my brand. I have my own Youtube channels, Instagram account and facebook page. Also I am planning to develop my website where the audience can connect with me directly.

Tell us the best experience you had with Proideators as a learner?

I am sharing the classroom with other professionals and entrepreneurs. Learning new things every day motivates me to work more dedicated towards my brands. Other than digital I enjoy learning and sharing space with others at the digital marketing institute.

How did you differentiate Proideators from others?

I have selected ProiDeators on the basis of:

  • The course curriculum are designed as per the industry norms
  • They have Experienced Trainers with quality knowledge
  • The Environment is extremely cool and valuable
  • Staff is quite supportive
  • Fees is reasonable as compare with others

One piece of advice you would like to share?

People who are having their own business or willing to create their presence online then it is mandatory to learn those skills that help you to reach your destination smoothly. Maybe in the future you have the capability to hire an agency or a team to perform on your behalf but knowledge will always make you deal with such people about your work.

One line to describe your digital marketing institute?

ProiDeators is the most promising Digital marketing Institute that serves all working professionals at their levels.

Thank You Prachi for sharing your time and experiences with us. We wish you all the very best for your Career.

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