I have Learn New Trends and Techniques in Digital Marketing at ProiDeators – Pankaj Kumar


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Digital marketing is the new face of advertising where it connects brands with potential end users. It is applicable to all sorts of businesses that are planning to come online.  During interview question answers sessions we met our former trainee Mr. Pankaj Kumar to understand his journey at ProiDeators. Let’s read his journey in his own words:

Welcome to ProiDeators Talk Show, before taking this ahead can you brief yourself a bit?

Myself Pankaj Kumar and I am from North India. I am working in the real estate industry and hold 10+ years of experience in sales and marketing. I am working as DGM – sales for one of the largest developers based in Navi Mumbai.  In my family my father is an ex Indian navy officer, mother is a homemaker, my young sister is pursuing her MBA in finance and my wife is an IT engineer.

What are your qualifications and why did you join the digital marketing course?

I have done PGD in strategic marketing management. Digital marketing is a new way of marketing thus wanted to be hands on with new technologies and trends. Therefore I have enrolled at Proideators digital marketing institute.

What are your goals after completing your course?

My career goals are to help my organization to get quality leads and utilize the best possible skills at my workplace and also planning to start with freelancing work in digital marketing.

How did this course help you to grow in your Career?

Learning new things as per the trends and technology was always the need of a sales person. The course in digital marketing will surely help me to grow in my career ahead. Also even after changing the field a person can start his own business as well.

Tell us the best experience you had with Proideators Academy as a learner?

The knowledge given in the class is also available on the internet but the best part is that the teacher understands our capacity and gives us more time accordingly. There is structured learning in the classroom and can be customized as per the student schedule. The valuable time and efforts of an experienced trainer given to each individual  is surely not available on the internet.

How did you differentiate Proideators from others?

Proideators is reasonable in pocket compared to the others and they care to customize the time table according to the students. This made me choose ProiDeators when compared with others.

One piece of advice you would like to share with other working professionals?

Working professionals need to enhance their knowledge after a certain level in their career. So I would say please learn new techniques to stay updated as per the technology.

Do you consider ProiDeators as a trustworthy source in digital marketing courses?

Yes, 100% since I have already had a great experience over Proideators so I would definitely recommend this institute to all working professionals who are searching for the leading brand within budget.

What rating would you like to give to your institute?

I would like to rate 8 out of 10 to the institute.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Pankaj. We wish you all the best for your future prospects.

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