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150 hours program with 70 hour Classroom, 40 hour Self-Learn, 20 Hour Project & 20 Hour Assignments.

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    Advanced Digital Marketing Course Components @ Matunga

    Become a Google & Facebook Certified Professional
    ( 1 Training Program - 9 Certifications )


    Digital Marketing Overview


    Mobile Marketing


    Lead Generation For Business


    Website Planning & Creation


    Google Analytics


     Introduction to Market Place Selling 


    Search Engine Optimization


    Affiliate Marketing


    Online Reputation Management


     Google Adwords & PPC Advertising 


    Adsense & Blogging


    Online Media Planning & Buying


    Social Media Marketing Course


    Email Marketing


    Creating Online Marketing Strategy


    Ecommerce Website Marketing


    Content Marketing


    Digital Career Preparation

    Internet / Online Marketing Matunga or Digital Marketing Course in Matunga

    The term digital marketing is trending in recent time, the different strategy is applied by business unit to promote their brand and products. According to the digital marketing, different digital technologies are used to promote a product and service in Matunga. Tools like the internet, smart phones, digital bards etc are used for promotion.

    Digital marketing course in Matunga is gaining huge popularity among medium as well as small scale business. Matunga is considered as a good city for start-ups. This is the reason people are looking forward to learning digital marketing concepts.

    When we look at the concept of digital marketing, below are some goals that are achieved using digital marketing.

    • Sales
    • Lead Generation
    • Advertisement Revenues
    • Signups
    • New subscribers
    • Referrals

    When a visitor is converted into a customer, the individual fulfills the marketer's goal, the main motto of digital marketing is to increase the percentage of visitors who can get converted into customers.

    As per the concept of digital marketing, the goals can be measured by making using of Google analytics and you can also monitor the performance on a regular basis. The most important part of digital marketing is to attract a number of visitors to your website, you should have a clear analysis of high and low quality of traffic. The bandwidth of the server is also an additional investment.

    There are different sources of traffic

    • Search engine optimization
    • Search Engining Marketing
    • Social Media networks'
    • Subscriptions
    • Newsletters
    • Banner advertisements
    • Offline marketing using SMS and MMS
    • Links from a different website.

    These different tools have different requirements to attract visitors. A considerable amount of money should be included for SEM, social media requires dedicated man hours and time. A good content with solid technical architecture is a must for SEO.

    Search engine optimization:  For attractive traffic, it is must for the site to be listed. The website should also have a good ranking and it is must to have a good keyword research before you start.

    Search Engine marketing: Another easy way to get relevant traffic is to make use of proper keywords. It can be done with the help of Google analytics. Tools like Google AdWords can be used to attract visitors to the website.

    Subscriptions and Newsletters: The major benefit of subscription and newsletter is you can get direct access to the users, in addition to it, you can easily build customers trust. There are different ways to attract visitors through newsletters, like email, RSS, facebook fans, twitter followers, youtube viewers etc.

    Social Media Networking: Social media is the best choice to attract visitors to your website, it requires dedicated man hours and consistent timely efforts. The major benefit is, you can get huge traffic and subscriptions in very short span of time. SEO boost can be achieved via inbound links. You get to know your customer's requirement and likes conveniently. in addition to it, the content should be link worthy and consistent. Always include high-quality content and keep the frequency consistent. apart from this, participating in different social media, blog community and forums will help you attract more visitors. 

    Hence it is must to learn digital marketing from skilled professionals in Matunga East. Join us today at Matunga West

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