How to Create Best Video Content for Social Media Marketing

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Seamless creation of appealing content on a regular basis- is the key point of Content Marketing. Content influences the prospective viewers in a different manner.  Over the past few years, video has becomes one of the most fascinating techniques for brands to convey their stories on social media.  It is easy to convince viewers through visual appeal.

Video content is one of the most prevailing storytelling medium:  It drives your business marketing campaign to the top-most level of pyramid and influences your target audiences with ease.  Creative Video along with text can dive deeper into the essence of your viewers and builds the strong emotional connection that normal text can never do.  The unique blend of visual, motion and sound creates a hollow impact that gives dynamic wings to your creative content efforts and prominent concept that ensure conversion.

Statistical Impact of Video Content in 2016:

  • As per the Adobe research, 52 percent of marketers worldwide sustain video content as the best return on investment.
  • 60 percent of online buyers believe in the videos compare to other forms of social media content.
  • 5% of mid-size commercial proprietors are observing great buzz on the returns from their social video campaigns.
  • From past one year, 85 percent pro-marketers 55 percent of small-medium business owners have outsourced or developed video content.
  • Video content is liable for enhancing organic traffic from Search engine optimization by 160 percent.
  • A Website that consists of Video enjoys 90 percent more time by site-visitors.
  • Video content produces double the visitors to a site as compared to the other subject.

Value Proposal of Video Content

Videos integrate resourceful strategies that content marketers can use in different methods.  They can be used on diverse content channels like blogging sites, social media platforms, emails, third party sites such as You Tube, slideshares presentations, webinars and so on. Videos work appropriately in both short and long formats, means you can view 10 seconds videos to full length documentary video with identical measure of efficiency.

Videos are flexible and augment value to your campaigns such as:

  • It is accessible as sequential conversations that describe periodically
  • It is swift and liberated testimonial that serves promptly as marketing starter
  • Videos are designed as mobile friendly because it is key motive of marketing
  • Videos can redesigned and revamp as per the fluctuating trend and content marketing requirements
  • It can be shared on diverse social medium platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and so on.

Jackpot Tip – Videos are not something that will always be the perfect content format for your prospective viewers. At times your viewers may choose reading informative blogs and articles.  Therefore knowing the appropriate time for making video content is essential for prosperous social video marketing.

Let’s see how to create best video content for social media marketing:

1: How to shoot precise, effective & technically sound videos-

  • Try to shoot your video in a separate room where you have sufficient lighting’s and recording becomes easy.
  • For steady look go for studio lights and solid colored background.
  • Have appropriate device for monitoring sound to check echo and reverb. You can try iPhones’ camera for generating high quality video. Try to use stand and do not go for vertical videos at all.
  • Keep your microphones closure to your subject and also for comprehensive shots you may try clip-on lens and slow motions should be shot prudently.
  • You need to have suitable script as this helps video creation be more prepared. Keep your writing flawless and appealing.

2: How to sustain company’s marketing aim while designing Video Content

  • It is important to understand company aim before generating a video content. There should be a purpose and it has to be a lead-oriented.
  • One should know the main motive of your video that will help you to create your brand credibility in diverse platforms.
  • You should always have dynamic video content which will help your video to rank top in search engine result pages.
  • Make you strategies before making your video and keep the track record of followers, subscribers, influencers and fans through diverse alerts like emails and so on.
  • Comprise call to action with your video content to build strong consumer connection administration as per your marketing strategy.

3: How to Create the Precise Video Content that your Audience Wants to Watch

  • Before making videos do lots of research work and understand your targeted audience. Research about the content that really works efficiently on different social video sites and you can take the help of analytics.
  • Being a business owner it is obvious that you have a fair idea about your product and services. You can share those ideas with your viewers.
  • For reliable views, offering unwavering stream of influential video content ensure superior engagement, excellent views, large traffic that enhance your sales.
  • It would be exceptional if you create tutorials or review videos for your targeted audiences. This will help you to engage with ease and explore your business interactive solutions.
  • Generate videos that define exceptionality of your brand in an interactive, appealing and creative style. Try to make short videos and never unnecessarily drag the duration of your videos.

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