Facebook Introduces 3 New Features For Audiences in India

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Facebook have come up with the three new features which surprises our great audiences who spend their spare time updating their pictures, videos, browsing news feed, chatting with friends and so on.  These three new features will let users to save photos and videos to the Facebook cloud, archive Facebook stories and share voice messages with Friends. These updates are only rolling out to audiences in India, but soon they will reach wider audiences all across the globe.

Let’s dive into details how it will help users to take the benefits of these features:

People can now save their pictures or videos to the Facebook Camera and stories will spontaneously archive posts so that audiences can view them any time.

According to Facebook this features are initially launched in India but gradually it will wave off globally to reach its worldwide audiences.

Voice Posts:

Facebook’s new voice posts will let audiences to generate audio messages to their Facebook stories along with colorful contextual and pictures. This option will be accessible while using the app’s built-in camera. It means that’s audiences don’t have to take a trouble to type a post and convey their messages but with just an audio clip one can share their messages with their friends.

Stories Archive

The best part of Facebook features is, it will let audiences to keep an archive of stories after they have passed their 24-Hours finishing date.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage comes into picture when people are using Facebook app’s built-in camera to shoot photos or video.  They will get the option to save them in their Facebook account other than on their device’s hard drive.

However the Facebook have struggles a lot to take off in the same way that whatsApp Stories or Instagram Stories have. Now WhatsApp stories have more than 455 million regular potential users, while Instagram stories have reached up to 300 million per day. Whereas Facebook has not released any number for its stories product which propelled in mid-2017, but always confirmed that figures are inspiring. Since then, it has come up with new ways to fascinate their users towards their product. However, in the world of digitalization, social media platform plays a crucial role for businesses to reach their broader audiences, get the best ROI and sustain in this competitive world!!

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