Google Officially Increases Dimension Of Snippets in Search Results

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Google is one of the largest search engine networks that provide reliable and precise information about the queries searched by the audiences.  It is a kind of data that is been displayed in search engine result pages. Google always come up with something new and innovative updates which serves the best to the users. Recently Google has stated that amendment is meant to deliver more expressive snippets revealed in search results. A snippet is the description of the page displayed below the URL in an organic search result to communicate to the search query.

Google Meta Description Tags Updated 160 - 230

According to the Google Representative; the changes that is been delivered is for expressive and useful snippets to assist people know how pages are appropriate to their searches. The result in snippets is bit longer on an average. It is been defined with the screenshot emphasizing the descriptive snippet of a Google search result.

Over the past couple of days, promoters have been noticing that the snippets were extended than the normal ones.  RankRanger is the popular SEO tool created to support your specific requirements, work practices and favorites. It provides the complete details about the organic SEO, paid search, competitor analysis, keyword research with appropriate integration.  According to this tool, the snippets dimensions have increased from 160 characters to almost 230 characters on an average.

Some webmasters and SEOs may consider updating their Meta descriptions, and even Google recommends the same. The snippets are normally formed on the basis of users query and content found in both Meta description and webpage. Thus if Google will stand with extended snippet then it will drive the content from the page.

Let’s check how SEO get benefitted with this transformation:

This is an added benefit from SEO prospective since marketers have to come up with the details information about their business product or services which can be explained in 230 characters. The characters limits have been increased so they can create the content more precisely that serves the users effectively.  These changes will help both business as well as users in a user-friendly manner.

Search Engine offers consumers with immense prospects to reach the potential audiences. Search engine optimization is a continuous process and advertiser cannot afford to ignore what’s new and how to optimize more promptly for the better results. Make sure to leverage each aspects of SEO and follow the trends to be on the top of organic and feature listing of Google SERPs.

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