Google Publishes New Practical Guide for Ecommerce

Google Publishes New Practical Guide for Ecommerce

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Google has introduced few new features to concentrate on e-commerce website. This new practical guide is designed for developers but it is equally beneficial to any ecommerce site advertisers that sells product online.

The aim of the new guide is to emphasize more about the product visibility not just in Google Search but also on any of Google’s search product that shows product for shoppers.

There are seven brand new features that focus mainly on the following topics:

  • Where ecommerce content can highlight on Google
  • Share product data with Google
  • How to optimize URL structure
  • Help Google recognize ecommerce site structure
  • How to design the precise site navigation structure
  • Available options for sharing product data with Google
  • Include structured data significant to ecommerce
  • Ecommerce structured data tips
  • How to commence a new ecommerce website
  • Designing a URL structure for ecommerce sites
  • Giving Pagination, analyzing page loading speed, and their impact on Google Search
  • User experience patterns that help Google show products

Where does ecommerce content can emerge on Google?

Google is one of the most frequently used search engine and it involves number of other services that equally work on mobile devices and desktop apps. Most of these services illustrate user’s products on Google Search, Google Images, Google Lens, Google Shopping tab, Google My Business and Google Maps.

Google suggests creating content precisely for each of the six services designed by Google and some of them supports multiple options to showcase your product content.

Share your product data with Google: This feature highlight different methods to share information to Google that involves Product Feeds to Google Merchant centre and structures data. This helps Google to show the appropriate data to users when they search for the particular product.

Make Use of Structured Data that are Relevant to Ecommerce sites:  Ensure to use structured data for ecommerce sites that Google can recognized what type of pages you are trying to show to Google. This would be a structural design where Google will search all the information from site content.

According to Google:  “Google tries to discover the finest content present on your website by monitoring the connection between pages based on their link.

This means navigation structures on website (such as menus and cross page links) can influence Google’s perceptive of your site structure.”

How to Launch a New Ecommerce Website?

The new ecommerce site can be launched easily if you pay attention towards the above given points. The guide is completely dedicated to the developers that are participating in developing and designing an ecommerce store. Once the site is completely developed make use of advance technical SEO that can help your website to get the topknot position on search engine result pages of Google.

However if the developers follow the above mentions tips then definitely they can create a mesmerizing ecommerce site.

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