How Google Alerts Will Improve PPC Research In 2022?

How Google Alerts Will Improve PPC Research In 2022 ProiDeators

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When you are dealing with Digital marketing strategy for your business, SEO plays a crucial role in generating organic results. To get the organic traffic and leads from SEO tactics it takes times and efforts which need to be executed gradually. Where Google Adwords offer prompt result and even help to enhance visibility in the competitive world. Thus PPC is the best option to get the quick result and run the paid campaigns effortlessly on Google and its search partner sites. There are number of tool available online that can be used to analyze the performance and marketer can create future plan according to the reports.

One of the free tools that one can make use to nail down your PPC ads is Google alerts.  Google Alerts is a notifications tool that helps to track when people browse of specific keywords or keyphrases online. These help advertisers to optimize the existing campaigns and make a proper strategy. Let’s understand with the help of one example: Just assume you are selling outfits for women. You are planning to run paid campaigns for each of the outfits hold on stock such as designer outfits for women, casual outfits for women, party wear outfits for women etc. You can set alerts for certain events, brand name, outfit name or similar post or content etc to get notification. However Google only send alerts whenever new content get published. The content that is already indexed by Google advertisers will not get notified by Google again for its alerts. Also Google doesn’t send notification for every single page gets indexed by Google. To use Google Alerts, One can make use of operators which help to set alerts for specific queries.

How to set up Google Alerts?

Following are the step to understand how the process works:

  • Just open the in a tab and sign in with the existing Google account.
  • Ensure that you have logged in to the same account where you need to receive alerts.
  • You will view the top bar with search option where you can enter your phrase and search query to get alerts on a specific topic.
  • Once you enter the query you can view number of other options such as language, region, and frequency of query, sources and the place where you want to receive alerts.
  • As far as frequency of alerts is concerned, you can receive alerts promptly when the research is made, either once in a week or month.
  • By opting for a specific organization, you set the limit for the alerts. This means one will get alerts only when certain phrase is browsed in your targeted region.




How does it help in PPC?

Once you set the Google Alert account properly, it’s time to take your through how this tool can intensify your PPC efforts and bring you the best results.

Use Google Alerts to search trending topics: When you wonder which keyword or topics need to get targeted in your campaign, Alerts guide you with numerous ideas. Thus this is the best way to find what next happening in the industry. Every new alert will give potential phrases and words that can be used in PPC campaigns. This will help you to understand your competitor’s analysis and ultimately enhance your search results.

Keep an eye on rivals: Keeping an eye on competitors requires lots of time and efforts. It is not easy to find loopholes if any of the elements get missed for a second without monitoring the ads. Therefore Google alerts make this easy and effortless to monitor website mentioned in the alerts against certain keywords and get alerts whenever changes are made in your competitor’s ads.

Remove valuable data and make use of it to improve your brand and search and product query based on search term. Therefore make use of this tool and get the best out of it.

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