How to Make Link Building Strategy That Drive Sustainable Results?

How to Make Link Building Strategy That Drive Sustainable Results

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Link building is one of the key elements of search engine optimizations that help to increase the ranking of your website on search networks like Google and enhance its visibility too. From the past couple of year’s link building activity has been transformed from quantity to quality. Marketers have to concentrate on the quality links rather than quantity to ensure that websites have the valuable content that helps to rank higher on search networks. This is the most crucial process that helps your brand to sustain for a long run on search networks.

As per the current trends link builders must concentrate on searching precise sites for their backlinks and provide valuable content for that audience. They have to put their time, energy and work as per the trends to acquire a continuous link building approach to help brand rank on top of search engine result pages.

Let’s check how to create your link building strategy?

To create your link building campaigns, you need to consider the following steps:

Analyze your site:  Before you decide which sites to search for to start with link building, you need to understand where your site is lacking.  Figure it out where you need to concentrate more either on link building or on keyword research for your website. Once you understand this process, it will be easy for you to take the further steps. Slowly and gradually you can build assets for your brand through different strategies.

Determine your targeted potential audiences: Why are audiences important for your business? Because they help you to connect with your brand and target those who are genuinely interested in your business. Audiences are the key asset for your business because they are going to turn into customers. To understand your targeted audiences pay attention towards their demographics, behaviors and interest pattern. Once you understand their demographic pattern then search for few more question like:

  • What are they actually searching for?
  • What does the audience care about?
  • What are their buying personas or what they are actually searching for in your brand product or services?

Audit your existing content:

  • Checkout your website content and other blog posts that might want to link.
  • Check out the top funnel pages that are informational and educational.
  • Analyze your competitors content

Create a list of target Site to that need to be used for link building:

Get the list of link building sites that have relevancy and authority. Prioritize the site by relevancy and submit the informative and quality content that help to generate traffic.  The important thing to remember is that link building takes time to give a sustainable result. Therefore strategy must be a long term goal to acquire good results.

Top Link building strategy for your business:

Publish Link worthy Content: Link valuable content is the most likely content that always stays on the top of the marketing funnel. You need to create content based on different spectrum such as educational content, entertainment, creative articles, inspirational and evergreen content.

Outreach: When you create link worthy content you can connect with high authority sites that deliver quality back links towards your website. This highlights Google that the website has quality content that serves the purpose to your audience. People start browsing more and you get referral traffic from different sources towards your website.

Go for News worthy Submissions: News worthy sites have a number of benefits that drive large traffic and connect with new audiences.  For example: There are a number of publication houses that have large audiences and connecting with these publication houses can generate quality backlinks which can be beneficial in the long run.

Consider the following tactics:

  • Host an event.
  • Create a new product or solution.
  • Announce a new partnership.
  • Donate to a cause.
  • Launch a nonprofit.
  • Offer a scholarship.

Conclusions: Backlinks not only help to generate quality traffic but also enhance the ranking factor on search engine result pages. Therefore make use of informative and quality content on credible and relevant sites that fits in a similar category of your business.

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