Top 5 Ways To Avoid Your Website From Google Penalty In Future

Top 5 Ways To Avoid Your Website From Google Penalty In Future

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A Google penalty is the unwanted influence on a website search rankings based on updates to Google’s search algorithms or manual review.  It specifies that site rankings have breakdown or it could no longer exist in SERP.  Penalty can either be manual or algorithmic. If the Google reviewer’s finds out that a website has disobey the webmaster guidelines, then team will issue manual penalty.

Whereas SEO experts dare to perform diverse black-hat SEO techniques then it automatically comes under the penalty.  Google web spam team keeps their eyes on each and every aspect of the websites therefore it is important to obey and follow the Google algorithm guidelines to stay safe on internet.

Such parameters are designed to make people understand that website is meant for viewer’s benefits not for the sole purpose of ranking factors. Make the site optimized with quality rich content and practice white hat SEO techniques that can make you to survive forever online.

Even though both manual and algorithmic Google Penalty causes destructive impact to search rankings, thus understanding the difference between the two can help you to recover the site faster.  In short the Google web spam team will review the website and notify you of a manual penalty which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  SEO experts have to submit a “reconsideration request’ on the search Console.  Once it is done then Google will decide whether or not to accept the reconsideration request. If it is accepted, then the manual action will be removed from the website. If not then you have to follow same thing on the Console, which means more number of steps to chase to get the things done in an appropriate manners to get rid of all such penalties.

On the other hand, if the Google penalty is algorithmic, then you would not have to chase such strict parameters. However, you would still have to fix such issues that lead to the algorithmic penalty to get out of it. In any ways, the outcome of Google penalty can be unfavorable to rankings.  But it is well said, if something can be avoided and taken care of then website can never be penalized for anything.

Let’s monitor top 5 ways to avoid your website from Google Penalty in Future:

Step 1: Avoid Low Quality Link Exchange: It is very important to generate quality organic backlinks to the website to accomplish the positive feedbacks on search engine result pages and support the website in ranking factors. This can be accomplished by using quality rich content that assist to create backlinks.

Step 2: Avoid Keyword Stuffing – When several keywords are utilized on a website with less relevancy to the content published on the site then it becomes stuffing.  Even though the goal of keywords is to boost page ranking thus it is important to use important keywords with phrase that does not violate SEO guidelines.

Step 3: Avoid Plagiarized Content – The principle of writing or publishing articles online is to keep engaging as unique as possible.  The quality content should be informative, creative and unique with practical SEO knowledge.  Always avoid copy and unrealistic content that can drive away your audiences. This can help you to stick with Google parameters can drive your potential audience’s attention.

Step 4: Avoid Using Interstitial – In simple language pop-ups ads are known as intrusive and Google SEO update calls interstitial. When the pages are downloaded on mobile devices advertisements pop up, thus impacts the viewer’s experience.  Such pop-ups advertisements can be negative to UX and can take away the prospective buyers interest.

Sep 5: Stay away from Cloaking- This is one of the well-known black hat techniques which is been used in SEO.  The content that is been presented to search engine robot is different than the content revealed to the users.  Thus In this case marketers violate the quality standard of Google that lead to a penalty.  Most important practices done by the SEO experts are hidden texts or links. Linking keywords in content or hiding text is a part of these practices which should be avoided. The text or links that cannot be view on a website can be indexed by Google. SO it is better to do the smart work rather than donkey work that can be penalized and paid for.

Conclusion: Better to take the precautions and follow the white hat SEO techniques rather than wasting the time and energy in violating Google parameters to rank faster on search engine result pages!!


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