Digital Marketing is all about developing skills and creativity – Dishita Gidwani


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Meet ProiDeators former Student Dishita Gidwani, a very beautiful, hardworking and young talent who believed in her passion to stay creative which helped her to live – a dream career.  Currently she is pursuing the Second year of BAMMC (Bachelor of Arts in multimedia & mass communication) & completed Advanced Digital marketing certification course from ProiDeators.  During one of our talk shows we connected with our former student at ProiDeators to understand her journey in her own words.

Hey Dishita, welcome to ProiDeators TalkShow. Before we take this ahead we would like to hear a bit about you?

Digital Marketing is one of the renowned domains that can serve different age group people according to their needs.  I enjoy learning creative things and developing new skills.  So along with my studies I have joined the digital marketing program and completed my certification. Core reason to learn this program during my college days was to start with freelancing work after completing the graduation from the college and start with a full time job.

Brief us about your Career Goals and objectives?

I was very clear that I want to start my career in the digital marketing domain thus I have started exploring the domain and successfully completed the journey. I am quite an extrovert kind of person and work really hard to achieve my dream goals in life.

How do you manage your college time and digital studies?

Honestly speaking we have morning sessions in our college which gives an opportunity to learn digital. I always try to make a balance between my regular studies and professional courses. I don’t want to sit after completing my graduation certificate at home. I want to start my career soon after my graduation. Meanwhile I am doing some freelancing work in digital where I am handling social media. SEO and working on portfolio creation for my clients.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, traveling and exploring new places and love to spend time with pets and focusing more on Digital as a career.

Why did you choose us from another institute and what makes us stand out from the crowd?

I have analyzed and compared the other institutes but what fascinated me is their course structure, time flexibility and fees.

The trainers are the backbone of the institute and that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Would you consider ProiDeators as a reliable and credible source for digital marketing training?

Yes, People must choose this institute because they help the candidates with their needs and focus on quality.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

For the next 5 years it will be difficult to predict but I am utilizing my time efficiently and I know where I have to take this ahead and how.  SO Yes I want to become a digital marketing Manager in the next 5 years.

What score would you give it out of 10 to your digital institute?

I would for sure give it a 9.5/10.

Would you like to give a piece of advice to other students?

As everything is digitalized and things are moving ahead in technology I would say young graduates to learn new techniques that will help them to boost their career in digital.

Finally, Describe ProiDeators in one line

Planning to start your Career in the field of online marketing then must opt Proideators!

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