Trainers Are the Pillars of the Institute – Pooja Kalal


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The world of advertising has transformed enormously over the past couple of years. These days having an online presence is mandatory for any business.  Digital Marketing is not going to slow down at any cost thus plays an important role for business. Even though you are not looking to switch your career and become a marketing expert, the skill set is imperative for business.  During one of the interview session Pooja Kalal has shared her experience so let’s read her story in her own word:

Hey Pooja, Glad to connect with you! Before taking this ahead we would like to hear a bit about you?

I am Pooja Kalal, working in a real estate firm as business development for the firm. After my graduation I started working and came across digital marketing. Since digital marketing is a booming industry thus I wanted to upgrade my skills set in marketing. I found ProiDeators Digital Marketing institute at Kharghar and joined the course.

What really fascinated you to join digital marketing as your career?

The key reason to join the course was to enhance my knowledge so that I can augment my CV and work efficiently for the real estate industry.

I have personally checked the center and spoken to the trainers. I made up my mind and completed my certification course from ProiDeators.

How did you differentiate us from others and selected our Institute over others?

The best part of the Institute is they provide flexible timings to the candidates. As per customer availability they deliver the training accordingly.  Trainers are extremely humbled and support students out of the box. They are really good at this as compared to other institutes.

What are your goals after completing the course?

With the help of digital marketing I can utilize my skills to generate more business for the firm and simultaneously work in other digital projects. Overall planning to take both options equally.

Do you think ProiDeators is a trusted source for Digital Marketing Training & Why?

Yes! No Doubt that ProiDeators deliver quality over quantity as per the trend. They concentrate on each student’s requirements and try to fulfill their needs.

The training institute has set their bar on the top level of the pyramid. So they always come up with the solution for their students.

What rating would you like to give out of 10 to your institute?

I would surely give 9.5/10.

Would you like to give a piece of advice to a working professional?

That would be too early to give a piece of advice but would recommend that going with trends is never outdated.   You should always brush up your skills whenever it is required, especially for working professionals.

Finally we are at the end of our Interview Session Describe Proideators in one line?

ProiDeators Institute is the best place to sharpen your skills!

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