Effective way to build Your Personal Brands on Social Media

Effective way to build Your Personal Brands on Social Media

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There are number of blogs and articles published online every now and then that guide you with the tips to promote your businesses on social media platform. But do you really think that the blog that is been published online are relevant and unique. Well, to be honest there are very few blogs that are been published online serve you with the relevancy and assist you to build brand credibility. Personal branding is all about managing and optimizing yourself and their career in front of viewers.

Just like the branding of the businesses, personal branding works on the same lines on a certain aspects such as:

Get your unique quality in front of viewers: You have to bring out the unique qualities that you have; two to three qualities that you feel the best should be worked on to build your brand. This creates a base for your personal branding strategy. It is very essential to establish your expertise in front of viewers to stand apart from the crowd. Narrow down on the top three qualities and potentials that you feel you are blessed with. These brainstorming will help you realize your natural tendency and it will become your own voice. The voice of your brand!

Be the Voice of your brand: Your brand’s personality is reflected through your social media posts. It gives off a certain vibe for the audience to absorb and feel about your brand. This is how you communicate with your audience. Communication with your audience is very important which involves some stories, personal experiences, work ability, puzzled, post, etc. that can connects you with your audiences.

Taco Bell is constantly in tune with what is popular among his audience (a younger population) and creates posts on social media to adapt to that voice. Whatever your voice on social media, make sure it’s genuine for your brand. Trying to play a certain way just to fit in can turn against you.

Visual Branding: Visuals play an important role in the social network brand. If each of your profiles seems to belong to another company, this creates a disconnection for your users. You want your brand to be consistent across all channels. This will allow users to immediately recognize your business, regardless of the site or application used.

Coco-Cola is a brand that does it very well. When you look at the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, you will notice the consistency of color and design.
Choose a color palette: Coca-Cola uses its classic red and white color scheme on all social media channels. It does not stop only in the logo. When you view publications shared by the company, you will rarely find images that do not include red. The easiest way to develop the color palette is to look at your logo. It wants to reach a point where people associate these colors with their brand. Keep in mind that diverse shades can influence the way people perceive your brand.

Use the similar logo / avatar: you must try to use the same avatar for each social network. To keep things simple and consistent, use your logo or symbol that represents your business. People should see your avatar and immediately associate it with your brand. Think of the Nike swoosh or the golden bows of McDonald’s. As soon as you see them, immediately think of their brands.

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When companies like Nike and Starbucks publish a new image on Instagram, they are very busy. This is because both are established brands with millions of followers. If you’re just starting or you do not have a large audience, your content will not receive the same attention because it’s relatively unknown.

A good way to get faster results and increase your brand’s efforts in social networks is to establish relationships with influential people. Influencer marketing allows you to enjoy the audience that people in your industry have already created.

Posting Regularly: Your social media post plays a crucial role to connect with your audiences thus it is important to keep sharing something new that can fascinate them to stay tune.

The frequency in which you publish depends on your audience. It will take trial and error to discover what works best for your brand.

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