Tips for Measuring & Enhancing Your SEO Strategy

Tips for Measuring and Enhancing Your SEO Strategy

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Google and other search engines are continuously updating their ranking algorithms in an effort to enhance the eminence of the results they serve to their consumers.  Because traffic is the vital aspects to nurture for any online businesses and to rank on the top of search engine results pages is important to success. No matters whether the website is been for a years or months, but there is always a possibility for some sorts of improvements towards SEO approach.

Before you can measure certain elements for improvements, you must first analyze the present status of a website.

Measure your SEO strategy

Begin with a link audit: It is important to analyze from where the link to the website is coming from. Monitor whether those links are premium quality or lowest quality that is bothering the website ranking factor. If such things occur you can disavow links with Google, so that this will not be taken into consideration again you.

Pay attention towards the technical SEO:  This is one of the crucial factors that need to consider while making a SEO plan. Once the link auditing is done, pay attention towards the technical components of the website.

  • Check the speed of the site.
  • Does the search engine crawl your website?
  • Create a quality and informative content
  • Make sure the website is mobile-optimized
  • Analyze the crawling errors shown in the Google search console
  • Do check the meta tag, meta title and meta descriptions are added properly on all of your website pages.
  • Make sure images must have precise alt tag
  • Jump into depth for content and social media
  • Dive Deep into Your Content & Social Media Strategies tactics
  • Create new style of content strategies and keep updating the sites with the fresh one.

Consider social media platform into SEO strategies:  You might be wondering what social media platform has a role to play over here. But it helps to acquire more traffic, build brand credibility, gets inbound links and creates brand awareness.

To clear with the concept that how well the present strategy is working, answer the following questions:

  • How much traffic is coming from organic search and referrals?
  • Is there any pages that aren’t getting traffic at all?
  • How much the ranking aspects have fluctuated over the period of time?
  • How many new links does the website have earned since the last audit?
  • Any content improvements are required
  • How many visitors have been converted?
  • How is the website performing since the launch?

Answering the above question can help you to concentrate more on enhancing the website that is lacking behind.

Enhance Your SEO Strategy

Aim for superior quality content:  Gone are the days when writer used to write 500 words article or a blog for a website to serve to their readers. Now the writers are supposed to write lengthiest and valuable content related to the topics that can provide more information to the readers.

Note Google users are the searcher and if you deliver the visitors with what they are haunting for, then Google will adore you.  According to the recent research, long-form of content assists you to ranks on top of search engine result pages as they offer more relevant keywords related to the topics. It does not come into keyword stuffing and becomes the best tactics to improvise the ranking on those crucial keywords.

Other than creating a longer content, you can also enhance the overall quality of a content by providing diverse sorts of content such as info graphics, surveys, assessments, videos, polls, quizzes etc.  Such things help people to engaging more on pages which also play a role in your website enhancing.

Make a proper plan for link building activities:

When the website is well optimized with quality content the link building becomes bit easier. But this is not the end; you always require high-quality links from diverse domains.

Optimize Title to improves Click-Through Rate:  Title are the one that fascinates users towards the website content and make them to click more on the pages. To drive more conversion it is significant to create and optimize headlines of web pages.

Encourage Engagement: Involve call to action button that facilitate your visitors to comment, interact, review or give suggestions on the posts that assist your ranking factor.  This reveals that people are taking interest and searching what they are actually seeking for.

Conclusion: Keep monitoring the website and utilize the SEO strategies that are needed every now and then. Keep improving and stays ahead of all your rivals!!


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