Top 10 Best Google Extended Text Ads Practices that Enhance PPC Marketing


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Ads that are seen above or below the Google search result are Text Ads. They are the simplest method of online Ad that Adwords deliver. Texts Ads are the initial form of communications that the prospective buyers will have word with you and their conversion is based on how influential, significant and persuading your text ads is. Promoters need to come up with fascinating and well-targeted text ads as they are exceptionally vital to channelize a superior PPC campaign.

Text Ads that work on Google result pages and across all the Google Networks consist of search partner, display, network, search network etc. A text ad can be understood as a method of promoting communication that advertisers use to advertise their products or services on the Google Network.

Next generation of these text Ads is extended text Ads

This was declared in July 2016, Extended Text Ads are created for mobile users and promoters. The Industry specialists consider this as the biggest transformation to Google Adwords. ETA lets promoters and advertisers have added control over the messaging. Customers will also view more statistics before they click on any Ad that lets Ads be more undoubted and conversion oriented.

As PPC extended text ads are you first touch with your users, you have to make them appropriate and reliable to:

  • Your product or service
  • Seeker’s intent (which can usually be concluded from the keyword and context)
  • Your PPC landing page

Some apparent advantages of precise AdWords Extended Text Ads are-

  • Upgraded Click-Through Rates
  • Better Quality Scores
  • Lower CPA (Cost Per Action)

What Extended Text Ad is

Extended text ads are formed for mobile users by fulfilling needs and requirement of today’s users and advertisers. These ads integrate extra ad space than standard text ads, and moreover, they are considered to confirm finest performance on mobile gadgets. This assists you to reach prospective buyers when they are in need.  It comprises of titles, display URL and two line descriptions.

Top 10 Best Google Extended Text Ads Practices:

Make your Title more catchy and convincing: The key aspects of creating the catchy headlines are to grab the viewers’ attention at first. You need to make your title informative, appealing and convincing.  You must add your primary keyword or long term keywords in the headlines of extended text ads.

Do not add subordinate headline but make use of extra characters to complement your existing offers:

The subordinate headlines are considered finest for providing supportive information to the USP of your product and services. Do not make the headlines messy by repeating the similar terms but instead you can use extra characters to add more value to your existing offers. When you design ETA, make use of extra characters to complement your prevailing offers with more value propositions and CTAs.

Your most significant message has to be involved in headlines of your ETA:

You might be thinking, how everything can be included in headline with just a few characters. But that’s the magic of headline which is measured as most powerful in improving CTR of your ads. For this you need to spend most of your time in testing new ad copies by concentrating on headlines that describes your message in the best possible way. Find out best suited Title that makes you to win the hearts of your visitors and meanwhile take the opportunity to use extra Ad space more prudently.

Make use of description part of your Extended Text Ads to distinguish your product and add a CTA:

Once you seize the viewer’s attentions through Titles, it is essential to use description of ETA to provide complementary information that influences seekers to click on your ad and reach to your page. You can arrange for some other advantages, features, offers and call to actions in descriptions of your Adwords ETAs.  Some of the dynamic CTA examples are “Show Now”, “Start Free Trial”, “Download Free EBook” etc. They will notify users about the precise benefits that they may get from your landing page. Description is the last attempt to fascinate your buyers to visit your landing page and thus you need to make an appropriate use of description to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure that your extended text ads are completely responsive on mobiles:  

There is no doubt that maximum number of users are using smart phone and they are more liable to their phones searches.  Therefore while creating your extended text ads you should consider mobile devices as well. Make sure to make the ads mobile friendly and check it work efficiently on both the devices.

Proficient and Effective use of Display URL:  

There are two display URL path fields available in extended text ads where you can make use of the both the fields prominently. Make the wise strategy and optimize the display URL field with techniques. There are certain things that Google permits to use your competitor’s name, trademark term in your keyword in display URL path fields only.

Path fields of your extended ads should have top keywords:

Extended text ads automatically have domain for your display URL from your final URL. In addition to this, you can add two path fields with ETA character limit of 15 characters to your display URL. It is extremely advisable to add top keywords in path fields which will help in enhancing CTR and CVR of your ETAs. This will reduce your cost per click and helps you ensure best quality score.

Do not stop your old ads directly:

The important aspects to notice is, you should never stop your old ads directly from Google Adwords because extended text ads are new and more effective but it is not always mandate that they will beat your old ads more often.  Therefore it is significant to introduce your first extended ad to your ad group alongside your old ads and analyze the comparative performance with old ads. When your testing outcomes prove that Adwords extended text ads performance is superior then your old ads, you may stop your olds ads.

Transform your old ads into new expanded text ads:

If your account has multiple standard ads, you can transform them all over into extended text ads and you can do this in bulk too.  This can be done in few easy steps, you just need to download your old ads to CSV file, make all the necessary changes and then upload the file back to your Google Adwords account. This will allow you to add your new extended text ads in same ad campaign and group as your old text ads.  The procedure does not diminishes any of your conventional ads, it just transform them into ETAs.

Include practices that help you have good quality score:

To optimize PPC advertising and confirms success with Adwords, it is essential to have a good quality score for your keywords and ads. To confirm high quality scores, you need to make your ads as credible as possible to user search queries. This help in accomplishing high click through rate for your extended text ads. This will let Google understand that users find your ad useful, and this assist in enhancing your PPC campaign. Make use of different ad extensions with your extended text ads.


When your extended text ads are appropriate to the searchers, your CTR will be upgraded with superior quality scores and this will enhance your Adwords account. They are exceptionally valuable for your business as they not only develop your ad ranking but also diminish your cost per click. Effective PPC promoters always test and twist their text ads to discover the most captivating messaging for each keyword group, which maximize clicks and quality score that eventually augments ROI.

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