How To Become A Digital Freelancer

Freelance Digital Marketing

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Getting into the world of Freelance Digital Marketing is quite a daunting task! People wonder how to grab the freelance projects and earn the living at their own comfort zone.  At times, when you hold years of experience in digital marketing arena, you start thinking to move out into a self-paced relatively less stressful work.  At certain level in their career digital marketers faced such dilemma where they think to switch their jobs and grab the opportunities of freelance which could be much better than the 9 to 6 job.  It consists of precise, practical and actionable steps you can take when you make the first move towards building a freelance career in digital marketing world.

Best ways to begin your career in freelance digital marketing

1: Reconnects with old contacts, build new connections

The first and important step you choose to become a freelancing marketing professional is to start reconnecting with old associates, at the same time involving and interacting with new people.  The motive behind reconnecting with old contacts is to boost your personal brand.

2: Make your Portfolio

No matter which segment of digital you are talented in and what part of digital marketing you have managed so far, it is important to merge and make a portfolio that describes your entire work details. As a digital marketer you need to describe each and every aspects of your career in a portfolio, make it presentable, and add the key points of the work you have handled till the date. In your online marketing portfolio you should enhance your prominent accomplishments with respect to the clients you have worked for. This gives a fair idea about your work to your prospective clients and chances of acquiring the projects from the leading clients become more prominent. You get the opportunity to attend the diverse business aspects of your clients.

3: Get Active on Social Media

Well, if you are searching for freelance online marketing prospects, it is vital for you to get active in social media. As social media plays a key role to stay connected with the millions of users, follower’s friends and many more. You can make group, share the things, grab the information and keep updating new things in the various social media platform. This assists you with respect to freelance job in marketing.

4: Start Blogging

The best way to stand apart from the crowd is to start blogging. This will not only help you to grab the attention of businesses but also fascinate them towards your creativity.  Writing may not be your cup of tea but if you start creating content around topics you are already familiar, which is currently relevant can drive your audience towards your blog. Optimize the post for search engines and use content marketing tactics to advertise your content and blog. When you build credibility in the digital marketing domain, through the content you create, your audience will keep their eyes on your blog activity. So start doing some creative yet trendiest activity to get the opportunities of freelance projects.

Attend events and conferences:

Why it is important to attend the digital marketing events and conferences?  Have you ever thought about it? These events will help you to build your contacts, make your network strong and meet all those sophisticated clients who are in search of digital marketer for their businesses. Share you freelance business card with the people you meet at diverse events you plan to attend.  Make a list of events that you will be willing to attend in the city you live in or the cities that would be economically viable to travel to. Once you meet an individual in an event, remember to drop an email after a couple of days to refresh the person’s memory about having met you at ABC event.

How to find freelance digital marketing jobs

While the above mentioned tips were more about bring yourself some visibility as a freelance digital marketer, the following guidance will help you find freelance jobs as a digital marketer.

Before you start diving for projects, you need to evaluate your target audience. Once you evaluate your target audience, you can start spreading the news in diverse social media platforms.

Social Media Platform

It can be your Facebook groups, Google plus community groups, LinkedIn Business related group etc. Make use of hash tags in social media platform such as #freelance, #freelancedigitalmarketingjob, #freelancejob etc. These hash tags are mainly use for the search purposes or variation of these will show up as search results.

Convince through Email

The other way to convince your clients is through email. You should make sure that email marketing is the best way to contact your clients and enhance your presence online.

Website to explore:

There are many other alternate ways to explore such as word of referrals, LinkedIn, freelancer dot com, freelancer dot in, Naukri dot com etc. These are the few examples of websites which can help to get the freelance projects. When you start exploring these websites you need to register, create a profile and add all the detail information about your professional experience in digital marketing.  In short make your profile look elegant, reliable and creative.  In addition to this you can add details about any certifications, test taken, courses done and so on. This will definitely add more reliability to your role as well as enhance your profile as a digital marketer.

If you were to give a Google search SEO, you will find number of website where you can dive to prospects. The world of freelance online marketing is massive and the prospect to sparkle as a service provider is enormous! Choose the appropriate prospects and clients, keep yourself updated about the current trends in the industry and you are all set to take off in the self-employed digital marketing industry

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