Tips to Avoid 6 Disadvantageous SEO Practices In Digital Marketing

Great SEO is no longer just SEO

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Before getting into the key element of this blog, it’s better to know more about SEO!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of influencing the visibility of website or a web page in a search engine’s organic results.  It helps search engine finds and ranks your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. There are numerous advantages of search engine such as augmented traffic, cost effective as compared to PPC, better return on investment, boost brand awareness, and enhance site visibility. Therefore it is important to understand the concept of SEO before getting into the elements of negative SEO which can create hurdles for your website rankings.

Sounds interesting! SEO industry has experienced major changes over the last few years which in turn forced digital marketers to transform their strategies to stand apart from the crowd. Ranking top in Google is a lot more challenging than it was a few years back. So you need to keep updated yourself, create new strategies and take the step accordingly to maintain your position in search result pages.

What is Negative SEO?

The definition of negative SEO can be hard to obtain as the concept is hardly spoken. In simple words the things that are against the guidelines of Google webmaster are considered as negative SEO. There are many other aspects that need to consider.

Following are the lists of 6 negative SEO practices that can adversely affect your positions:

1: Repeated use of keywords: 

While optimizing your website ensure that your content is absolutely neat and clean without repeating the same keywords again and again. Repeated use of keywords is against the algorithm and secondly it will disappoint your visitors from interacting or reading the content. Thus it is important to use the combination of keywords without excess use to drive the attentions of both users and search engine tools.

2: Duplicate Content:

The second most important factor in Search Engine Optimization is content which has to be unique, relevant and user friendly. If you try to manipulate your content and copy from other sites then your entire shortcuts can burst into tears. Therefore make use of original, informative, relevant, crispy and updated content which gradually drives your visitors towards your websites. Please avoid shortcuts in content!

3: Using Paid Links

Most of the marketers opt for paid links but it is a very bad practice which Google finds out and all your hard earned money get wasted. Thus it is important to ignore such practices in SEO and make your content strong, reliable to your services and acquire those valuable backlinks to get better in SEO.

4: Cloaking your text:

The method of cloaking a URL and retaining diverse forms of similar text was a general practice earlier which would be understands by Google Bots. This is an unethical way of practicing and devaluing the status of your website from the search ranking. To ignore any adverse influence on your ranking it is advised to keep proper navigations structure which help both users as well Google bot to navigate the website easily. Both should make out the difference between website content and ads.

5: Utilizing Guest Post Link

Guest post link is one of the methods of getting the quality backlinks from the prominent and reliable business sites. It could be a practical approach to boost online visibility if done appropriately and at the precise destinations. But if you are practicing in a wrong way then it might hit rankings. The most perfect way to perform this activity is to post visitors links at superior sites that are identified with your line of business.

6: Excessive Promotions

You have to ensure that your website is not covered with the advertisements and ads. Google penalize such sites that have ample of promotions ads put over the fold of the page.

However there are certain rules that are mandatory to follow as a digital marketer and in future these set of rules helps to gain the privilege in search engine result pages.

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