Impact of Social Media on Bahubali

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The movie Bahubali has been a revelation not only in India but across world. The second part of Bahubali Franchise released in over 8000 thousand theatres and is a first Indian movie to mint more than 1,000 crores and counting. It’s been simply sensational!

While the story telling, cinematography, special effects, high class acting, etc. have all had huge role in the success of this mega blockbuster, there is one thing that stood out and it’s the role of social media in enabling Bahubali to reach new heights. The movie was well marketed across online domain including but not limited to Facebook, Youtube, Watsapp, and Twitter. The social media was abuzz with positive review and this made a huge difference in its overall earnings.

There is no denying the fact that the movie was well packaged and catered to audience of all age groups. It is also the well-established fact that Bahubali was made for masses but the way social media seconded its marketing campaign cannot be undermined. Not one person or at least on record stated anything about why did Katappa killed Baubali. The secret behind which Bahubali – The Conclusion rallied. This was strange especially knowing how expressive audiences are these days. This speaks volume about the maturity of Indian audience and has placed social media as a renowned medium to market movies. Had the secret been out in the open, the movie would have suffered losses worth crores.

The constant shares and like in Facebook meant the buzz is never ending and the movie is still running full house in several parts of the world. It has set new records for Hindi version and is about to cross 400 crores. This is the highest ever grosser for a dubbed version. The mania in southern India is no different. There were 6 shows running in Andhra Pradesh with several theatres setting the ticket prices as high as 4,000 rupees per person. Even though, the prices would have rationalized but the craze hasn’t. The maturity and reach of social media in India is well documented and the success of Bahubali has only seconded this.

Film Experts and trade analysts now take into account Youtube downloads coupled with Facebook likes and shares as a success parameter of how far the movie has reached. These strictures are all set to be driving force of the Indian cinema in the years to come by. They are steadily contributing to increased footfalls in theatres, improved earnings and are having overall positive impact on the economy.

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