The Top 5 Tools To Improve Mobile-First SEO Strategy

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Search specialist depends on tools to understand and monitor the activities that are more challenging. These tools help them to analyze the performance, observe the actions and come up with future strategies to tackle out the issues in different devices. With the growing popularity of smart phones, the list of tools develop even longer.  Marketing Specialist wonder which channels should be utilized to make strategy work for their business in smart phone keeping SEO in mind. Whereas everyone is waiting for the launch of Google’s mobile first index, search advertisers are targeting to capitalize on the emerging quantity of searches perform on smartphones.

Mobile searches now outburst desktop queries and mobile marketing spend is likely to surpass $100 billion worldwide in the year 2017. Therefore the ranking indications for mobile are not similar to those used for desktop results. And that’s the reasons, mobile phones are used for miscellaneous purposes and they offer Google with diverse statistics sets to calculate its position. Mobile websites frequently vary from their desktop equivalents too, so promoters need to assure that their online presence is equipped for a mobile first world. The 3 major factors that really matters for mobile SEO performance are:

  1. Context: How many people search for your product online? When and where do they tend to search?
  2. Speed/Accessibility: How is the performance of your website in smartphones? Also check Are there any difference in the internal linking structure of your mobile and desktops sites.
  3. User engagement signals: How well does your site adjust on a mobile devices? Are you measuring appropriate metrics for mobile performance?

The list below highlights top 5 of the well-known tools to form and measure your mobile SEO strategy.

  1. SimilarWeb

Searching for quick digital consumer research, SimilarWeb is an outstanding place to start. SEO cannot be performed in a particular page or technique, so it is important to have an overview of how users are exploring a website across different platforms and devices before we start playing a game. The best part of this tool is, it integrates apps, which are the vital aspects as we considering a mobile-first strategy. The mobile web is involving with the app world, with Google pushing both progressive web apps and Android Instant Apps. It is exceptional for competitor research too, making it a best all-rounder for any digital marketer as they initiate plotting a mobile strategy.

How SimilarWeb can facilitate to form your mobile-first SEO strategy:

  • Viewer’s information’s across diverse platforms, devices and territories
  • Useful for mobile SEO keyword research
  • Comprises app analysis along with mobile web metrics
  • Thorough competitor analysis exposes other sites’ strengths and weaknesses


  1. SEMrush

SEMrush has comprehensive series of features for both organic and paid search. It comprises a host of mobile-specific SEO charts and graphs that offers information into any website performance. By recognizing the frequency of a website that reveals within their index of search results, SEMrush delivers a brief of the mobile ranking and traffic a websites receives. This serves as a valuable indicator of existing performance and the competitors analysis features offers further reference points.

SEMrush’s concentrate on both organic and PPC delivers all-inclusive overview of search results pages too. This blend of functionality makes it stand apart from its competitors which comprises BrightEdge, SearchMetrics and SEO Monitor for mobile SEO research.

How SEMrush can facilitate to form your mobile-first SEO strategy:

  • Recognize targeted keyword groups
  • Monitor keyword performance regularly
  • Analyze competitors
  • Check SERP volatility
  • It provides Impression of both paid and organic search performance


  1. Google Mobile Site Tests

Google’s mobile friendly test tool was propelled with the objective of facilitating business owners get all details under one roof in the world of digitalization. Consumers can enter a URL into the test tool, which will disclose whether the website is customized for purpose when rendered on a mobile phones.  At the same time mobile friendly test make a list of the issues found in loading the page, which can be evaluated and sorted with the web development team.

There are certain guidelines that Google provides to their users and gives the sufficient time to the website owners to align themselves with Google’s mobile friendly site tool. Major aspects of site to concentrate is speed and this should be give first priority while developing. The accelerated mobile pages is designed to increase the speed of mobile website pages. Google offers another vital resources to assist promoter’s efforts with its site speed test. The simple tool that shows clinches about compressing images is now a much more refined, advanced and thorough analytical tool that help users in all the possible ways.

Results are achieved using a counterfeit 3G connection to imitate the bulk of over-all smartphone traffic today and even Google evaluate how much traffic a site is dropping due to slow loading speed.  The free statement can be emailed to a consumer with number of information’s that assist you to develop your performance. Due to the scarcity of advance mobile-specific web tools out there, Google mobiles site test is an important guide for search marketers directing to get their site in line for the mobile-first index.

How Google’s Mobile Site Tests can facilitate to form your mobile-first SEO strategy:

  • Quick snapshot of any mobile websites problems
  • The evaluation of lost traffic is crucial to represent in front of marketing managers and make him understand how imperative mobile SEO is.
  • There is an option to download a detailed, free report
  • Precise tips to improve the site speed
  • Latest competitor’s analysis


  1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a technical SEO analysis tool that will swiftly crawl and scrutinize a site across a diverse series of crucial elements.  From a mobile perspective, these technical elements plays a vital role.  There are number of websites that extract bit differently relying on the user agent thus advertising experts need to be responsive of what these modifications are for their URLs. As people are moving towards mobile-first index, those changes could impact key ranking positions.

How Screaming Frog can facilitate to form your mobile-first SEO strategy:

  • Fast and efficient method to monitor technical SEO performance
  • Can facilitate to identify elements that are holding back site performance
  • It helps you to solve and identify long Meta descriptions
  • Very beneficial for a site-wide look at mobile SEO factors


  1. Google Analytics: Google Search Console

Google Analytics permits users to filters their data by device and by channel, making it very easy to separate mobile SEO performance data. It can be compare to desktop and to other platforms to check how SEO performs in different devices. The data in Google Analytics provides the in-depth analysis about your website. At the same time search console delivers few details into mobile search volumes along with the ranking position for each query.

The Page Analytics Chrome Extension is the ideal complement to these, letting experts to scrutinize consumer networks at a page level while browsing their own site. As experts continue to view the convergence of user experience, conversion rate optimization and SEO these considerations should be prime for anyone aiming to develop a mobile-first strategy. Google Data Studio is a user-friendly technique that transform your data into instructive dashboards and reports that are simple to read, easy to share and fully customizable.  Once a mobile strategy has been planned and executed, these Google tools will assist SEOs to observe closely.

How Google Analytics and Google search console can assists to form your mobile-first SEO strategy:

  • It provides precise replication of session-level communications with a mobile site
  • Understanding into mobile search volumes and ranking positions
  • Appropriate comparison with performance on other channels and devices
  • Outstanding method to track performance for healthy business metrics

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