What is the future of Voice and Visual Search in India?

What is the future of Voice and Visual Search in India ProiDeators Media

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We can never imagine what would be next invention in technology. The evolving technology always surprises us in every phase of our life. We experience every now and then with new invention which is beneficial to the country as well useful to the industrialist. No doubt this time the new invention is voice and visual search. Well voice and visual search is not the latest trends in India but it is the most popular term that has grabbed the millions of eyeballs all across the globe.

When we talk about voice search people make use of voice to search the things through Google assistance, Siri, and so on. There are number of devices that help us to search through voice on search network. Again the business present on search has great impact. Now people are enjoying the voice search because they can browse the things without typing any term on mobile devices. These days voice search are implemented by every industry to stays in touch with their audience.

Voice search are basically speech recognition technology that allow users to search via voice.  The key players in voice search marketing are Amazon, Google, and Microsoft etc. Let’s understand how Google summarize the benefits of voice search:

  • It empowers to get information easily and quickly
  • It makes their day to day activity easier
  • They can do the things fasters than any other devices

Well Google have experienced a huge growth in voice search since more than 17 million people search through voice. Active users of Google Assistance have increased by 4 times from past couple of years.

Let’s check how businesses can prepare for voice search?

Think beyond the current landscape: Voice can be never-ending mode to get engage with brands, but it must be more conversational.  Audio clips in search results and branded message through home devices will be become normal mode of communication.

Focus on speed: Speed is the best way to reach and get the detailed information rather than reading the written format. Load time is already a mobile ranking factor that needs to consider in search term. Therefore search engine prioritize the content that load fasters and gives a quick response.

Be conscious:  As Google search reveals convenience to the consumers, one should always integrate the knowledge into content creation and analyze through diverse format.

Organize your information: An important ladder of content marked up with structured data and will assist search engine to navigate your website and app easily.

Visual Search

Visual search is a camera based search that uses neutral network to understand images without a search query.  Google Lens, Amazon, Pinterest Lens, Microsoft etc are few of the important players in visual search.  Visual search turns Smartphone as discovery engine that takes an image and provide related results. The best part is that consumers can search for something without describing more through general text. This application of visual search is clear. It can search anything for us when we don’t have words to explain what we want. The product like Google Lens, Pinterest Lens and few more visual search products from retails have experienced excellent accuracy in visual search.

Let’s check how businesses can prepare for visual search?

Cover the basics: Upload image XML sitemaps, check the indexation status of image and keep the product inventory ready to update.

Do detailed research: People use visual search to complete diverse tasks. Try to understand your audience behaviors through visual search and according to their needs show them a right content through image search.

Optimize image: Make sure optimize image by using ethical SEO practices that will consider visual search. Try to remove clutter from the image and upload the clear, precise image that describe about your brand and business. This will assist search engine to understand who you are and which product you want to advertise.

Make use of Meta Data: Make sure to use right schema.org markup and precise keywords in Meta tag to define more about the image.

Thus voice and visual search the new trends in India and considered by the retails and other industry as per their business needs.

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