How To Perform SEO Audit of a Website Technically?

How To Perform SEO Audit of a Website Technically

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Website with creative content and proper auditing can help your business to get the maximum traffic and higher visibility in search network result pages. There are diverse ways to perform SEO auditing technically and assist your business to achieve your company goal. Here we have come up with the few tips that will help to perform elegantly in your domain:

Scan your website: Before starting with SEO work technically one need to understand and monitor the entire website. You need to check each and every pages of website and analyze what sort of product and services you will deliver to your customers. The important element that comes while scanning a webpages is content.

Fix your URL Structure: URL optimization is the key factor in SEO auditing. URL of the page helps your Crawlers to understand what your webpage is all about. Advertisers know how to fix the URL structure. You need to add your prime keyword in your URL structure with hyphens.  Make sure you should not include numbers, alphanumeric letters and underscore in your URL structure.

Create Original & Informational Content: Rich quality content runs a long way. It helps to fascinate your readers as well as highlights the originality of your business site. Creative and informational content with precise keywords boost your brand and enhance your business visibility in search network. Thus important to play with content and keywords smartly which has maximum 600 words counts in length.

Optimize your Meta Tag: You need to optimize your Meta tag such as Meta Title, Descriptions with the specific word counts. You have to be little creative to form the Title which need to be fit into 55-60 characters limit whereas description need to form with 150-200 characters limits.  SEO Professionals target the keywords while optimizing the Meta tag. Make sure the title and descriptions should be unique and creative.  These Tags helps users to click on the link and visit the pages. You can also include H1 or H2 tag in your paragraphs.

Image Optimization:  You need to optimize each and every image of your website with logo and banners. There should not be any broken links in the image optimizations. Make sure to add alt image tag to each and every image to get crawled by robot. Also make sure to check the image size before uploading to the website.

Check Broken Links: Make sure your website should have any of the single broken links because it adversely affects the traffic and disappoint your viewers to search what they want. If you find broken links than make sure to redirect the page to the home page or any other page that holds the audience attentions. This will help you to maintain the dignity as well as serve your audience what they are exactly searching for.

Conclusions: Well optimization requires lots of attentions and consideration in every concept of SEO. This procedure will assist your brands to be in top in search engine result pages and improves your visibility criteria as well. This will grab your consumer’s attentions and builds your brand credibility. Therefore it is better to spend minimum 20 minutes a day to analyze how the website is performing. Hope the above tips will definitely help you to monitor and improve your website from SEO prospective.

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