How to Create Catchy Taglines and Slogans

How to Create Catchy Taglines and Slogans

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Taglines and slogans get stick to your head. They foster the brand promotion and are like the sweet aftertaste that keeps you amused.

These are more like watchwords i.e., words or phrase that denotes a product’s or company’s core aim or belief in a catchy way.

Taglines and slogans have become a remarkably significant part of marketing, and businesses not only earn profit but also an immense recognition through them. It’s almost mandatory to have them in order to make your brand memorable.


  1. Outshining competitors- If you are selling something akin to another business, then this will lead to competition in the market to augment customers. And this is the exact circumstance where a catchy tagline can prove its worth. It will differentiate your brand from the others and make people recognize you over opponents
  2. Creates an Impression about your Business- A tagline or a corporate slogan gives out information about what your business typifies, what it stands for, what makes you different, and whether your offerings and values are in alignment with their needs and wants.
  3. Sustains Brand Identity- Taglines and slogans are the unique selling proposition or USP of your business that strengthens your image each time your customer notices and incurs your tagline or slogan.

How to Create Catchy Taglines and Slogans-

  1. It should be memorable- In order to be memorable, taglines and slogans must capture the attention of consumers. So, make them using a creative approach. Keep them crisp and candid and so well worded that its memorability goes a long way.
  2. Its impression should be considered as a very important task- Focus on attracting a customer with a good first impression and maintaining the bond by transmitting a lasting impression. Stress on the brand’s value and make your company or product’s benefits transparent to the audience.
  3. Include a positive tone- Never include any sort of negativity. Always show how you are continuously evolving with your customers and aiming for perfection.
  4. Slogans and taglines work great with logos– Since the goal of these two is the same: getting attention and recognition therefore logo and slogans or logo and taglines complement each other.
  5. One-sentence rule- Brevity is the sister of memorability so try to provide a well-written summary of the company’s vision and mission by keeping the 90-seconds rule in mind i.e., in only one and a half minute, you have to do it all from communicating the message to creating an impact.
  6. Add Humor and Honesty- Tell people the truth to create a spirit of brand integrity. Also, don’t forget to make them laugh because humor and honesty go hand in hand and they both encourage word-of-mouth marketing


Taglines and Slogans enhance the chances of brand retention. This is an extremely powerful advertising tool that tells what the company is all about, what it has in store for the buyer and why it is better than its competitors. So, create a tagline or corporate slogan that carries the essence of your company’s intentions and create a supreme influence in your audience’s mind.

Work! Innovate! It is your turn yo make yourself unforgettable!

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