YouTube Introducing 5 New Features for LiveStreams

YouTube Introducing 5 New Features for LiveStreams - ProiDeators

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YouTube is planning to introduce livestreams for viewers and creators with five new features. In which few of the elements are in beta versions and others will roll out by the end of the year. These new features are previewed in a video on YouTube’s creator insider channel. This comprises of:

‘Go Live Together’ – Collaborative Livestreaming: YouTube is currently rolling a small test of a feature called Go live Together. This is a joint streaming feature for mobile devices. Go live Together will facilitate creators to invite guests to stream with them by sending a link. The creator that creates the live stream can invite and screen their guest before going live with their viewers. The creator can check the Go Live streaming analytics in YouTube Studio.  Whereas guests on other screens will not be able to see host analytics.

Note: The guest’s channel and user information will be hidden during the stream.

Pre-roll and mid-roll ads can appear in a Go Live Together stream, but creators won’t benefit from these features. Ad profits will be endorsed to the host channel. Slowly and gradually youtube will look to expand the number of creators who have access to Go Live Together after the small pilot test.

Live rings: YouTube is planning to add live rings throughout the platform. These rings will assist the audience to recognize when a channel is live by adding a ring around a channel’s profile picture. Live rings are intended to improve discovery and viewership for creator’s livestream on YouTube. When people tab on the profile picture that highlights live, the badge ring will join directly to another host who is active livestream. These liverings features will be seen on a limited screen especially on mobile phones and will be increased across YouTube channels by end of this year.

Cross-channel live redirects:  The third important feature of YouTube is known as cross-channel live redirects.  Creators must have a maximum 1000 subscribers in their YouTube channel to make use of cross-channel live redirects feature.  They can divert their viewers from a live stream to their own channel or another live stream. However, they cannot send their viewers to a live stream or premiere hosted on another channel.

The creators who cross 1000 subscribers can make use of these features and can divert their viewers to a live stream or premiere hosted on different channels.

Constant Split screen viewing: YouTube is planning to commence constant view of livestream by taking a split screen approach with two different viewing experiences for smart devices like mobile phones. People can enjoy the split screening chat and engagement with their viewers on the same devices. This panel will sit to the right of the screen that will restore the live chat spread over the surface from the classic version.

This also gives you an experience to lean back and collapse live chat experience assist for the video to be a full screen when watching in landscape mode. The chat will be seen by the viewers at the bottom of the right hand corner.

Live Q&A:  YouTube is planning to come up with the live question and answers features in the next few months for their creators. With this feature viewers will be able to share their question during their live stream based on the creator’s questions set.

Questions answered by the creators will be seen for the time being at the top of the live chat that will encourage other viewers to submit their questions meanwhile.

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