What is local Search and why is it important for business?

What is local Search and why is it important for business - ProiDeators

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Have you ever thought about the difference between organic search and local search? Why local search is important for business. Local search plays a crucial role for any SEO Strategy to target your audience in a specific area, location and nearby place.  This strategy can be implemented by using Google Map or local business directories.

Organic SEO helps websites to improve page visibility and increases page rank in search networks. Thus website ranking in those organic results can influence your local search ranking. Organic listings are another excellent source for your local business to appear in front of a potential audience when Google establishes that the query has local intent. Thus organic SEO and local search are interrelated, therefore each requires different tactics to optimize the site.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of search engine optimization for local search results.

On Google, you need to list down your business on Google Map and other directories sites to rank higher and appear more often when users search for the particular search term. You simply need to create a business profile on Google Business Listing sites and other directories sites. Once the profile is created you need to maintain the business profile page on a regular basis and keep updating your local audience. This will not only help your audience to search more quickly but also increase your website traffic.

Why Local Search Is Important for business?

  • According to Google, Approximately 75% of people search their query on their smartphones and visit a business within 24 hours and 30% of the searches make the purchase.
  • 35% of searches belong to the local areas and nearest places close to the office premises.
  • 60% of the users believe in browsing the local business more often for the use.
  • According to a survey 80% of users read online reviews and ratings before making a purchase from the particular brand.
  • 70% of people rely on Google Maps to find out the location of a business.
  • More than 90% of the audience make use of mobile devices to browse the things faster and get all the related information.

However, whether you run a small or large business it is important to understand the needs of your audience before making the strategy. Ensure to fulfil the needs locally and targeted areas to reach your audiences. To know more about Google My business or local SEO you can learn the concept of SEO marketing or get yourself enrolled for an advanced digital marketing certification course to understand the concept.

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