Google Adwords Interview Questions & Answers Guide – 2018

Google Adwords Interview Questions & Answers Guide - 2018 - Proideators Digital Marketing Course Training Institute

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Are you still wondering what sorts of questions are asked during the time of Google Adwords interview? Well then stop bothering, because we have end-to-end solutions to tackle the issues with ease. More often people are aware of the answers but they don’t know to express well with confidence in front of interviewer and fails to perform well. There could be many other reasons, so to guide you with the best let’s dive into the list of Google Adwords Interview questions and answers 2018 that will assist you in performing confidently in front of interviewers without any hesitation or fear in mind.

We have involved the most asked questions and answers that one must know before facing the interviews:

There are normally three section of questions that are mostly asked in the interviews as per the role and requirements of the company.

  1. Commonly asked questions
  2. Knowledge-based questions
  3. Expert level questions


Commonly asked Google Adwords Interview questions and answers:

What is Google Adwords?

Adwords is a method that Google has designed to support in advertising product or services on Google search engine and its associated sites. It will display as a text ad that appears when people search for key phrases that are connected with your product, services or offering.

Explain How Adwords work?

Adwords functions completely on bidding system. If the bidding cost is higher the ad will display on the top of the Google Page. Adwords totally perform on “pay per click” which means marketers only pay the cost they have estimated if someone clicks on the ad as a result of a web search.

Why to use Google Adwords?

Google Adwords perform diversely towards the traffic that comes from Google Adwords or “Pay Per Click”.  For Google Adwords, traffic that is coming through browsing information wouldn’t really be interested in buying the product. Whereas traffic that occurs from PPC, people identify what they are clicking at and what they want to purchase. Thus traffic is the way more valuable.

Explain what is Ad rank?

Ad rank normally defines the positions of the ads on Google page and it is determined by one’s bid for the keyword and quality score.

How does Google Auction work?

The auctions can work billions times a month and visitors search ads that comes in the section they are haunting for. The search engine monitors it and gives the ranking positions based on the auction which is again relate to cost per click.

What is quality score?

Quality score of Google confirms the sustainability of ad to the visitors, mostly based on ads CTR, i.e. the quality of the landing page and its keywords importance. Better quality score will assist you to save money and also enhance the ranking.

What is an ad group in Google Adwords?

Ad group is a platter of bowl consists of keyword, advertisements and landing pages. Google rewards marketers who make adword campaigns with appropriately organized group. It is wise to comprise all the keywords into topic for a better arrangement.

What is conversion optimizer in Adwords?

Conversion optimizer in Google Adwords is a tool for bid management that helps to analyze which clicks on the ad will perform better to it. It assists in getting better return on investment.

Mention in Google AdWords that option can’t be changed after creating an account?

Once creating an account currency and time zone cannot be modified thus it is suggested to fill in the details wisely.

Explain how to improve conversion rates?

By planning ads that match precisely with keywords and creating proper theme ad groups can help you to reach prospective audiences to the campaign which improves the conversion rates.

Knowledge Based Google AdWords Interview Questions and Answers

What is the advantage of utilizing broad matches with negative keywords, instead of exact match keywords by themselves?

The advantage of ad will fascinate more traffic and marketers can generate keywords agenda more promptly.

What are Google Ad Extensions?

Diverse ad extension can boost the traffic and some of the general Ad extensions used in Adwords are as follows:

  • Sitelinks
  • Call Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Social Annotations
  • Seller ratings
  • Mobile app extensions
  • Offer ads
  • Communication Ad
  • Review extension
  • Image and drop down navigation Ad extension

What is the formula to search CTR (Click through Rate)? Does CTR help in improving quality score?

The formula to discover CTR is as follows- (Total clicks / Total impressions) X 100.

Yes, CTR does help in enhancing quality score.

What is the most significant feature in determining your ad position?

The most significant feature in defining ad position is Cost Per Click (CPC) Whereas, Click through Rate (CTR) comes second.

If you manage several AdWords accounts and have created a standard password for all of your client’s accounts, which additional information is needed to access the client account?

You just need a unique email id as these will manage single MCC account.

What are returns on ads spend and how do you calculate ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)?

Returns on advertising spend (ROAS) is a marketing metric that determines the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign. It assists marketers to monitor which techniques are functioning and how they can develop future advertising efforts.

To calculate return on ad spend is the ratio of sales/spend.

What does broad match modifier stand for in Google AdWords?  How do you represent broad match modifier?

The broad match modifier allows us to create keywords that have more reach as compared to the phrase match. Integrating modified broad match keywords to one’s campaign can make it convenient for them to get more clicks and conversion at a least ROI.

One can execute the modifier by placing a plus symbol (+) directly in front of one or more terms in a broad match keyword. The term to which a + is added must be there in user search query to activate the ads.

What is maximum length of Destination URL?

The minimum length of destination URL is 1024 characters.

What factors affect landing page quality?

There are number of factors that can affect landing page quality such as page loading time, content, user-friendly navigation, transparency like contact information, private policy, relevance to ad text and keyword in ad group etc.

What are Automatic and managed placements?

Managed placements normally allow marketers to select the location of the ads whereas automatic ads don’t have this option. Therefore is it easy to organize managed ads on location network.

Expert Level Questions For Google Adwords

What are the first steps you should take if your ads get rejected for any reason?

If the ads get rejected, marketers will get warning in regards to it along with an email. Once you rectify why the ads is been disapproved then marketers can edit the ad, fix the issues and get it approve again.

Can you bid on competitor trademark terms in Google? Can you use them in your ads?

Google AdWords normally blocks the use of trademarked terms in the ad copy but cannot not stop promoting on trademark keywords terms.

What is the character limit for the headline of a search text ad?

The limit for the headline of a search text ad should be maximum 25 characters.

What is the importance of Impression share metric?

Impressions are evaluated by using diverse features comprising targeting settings, approval statuses, quality etc. Impression share data is obtainable for campaigns, ad groups, product groups and for diverse keywords.

Impression share = impressions / total eligible impressions

What components in PPC ads permit you to spontaneously include the user’s query into the ad text?

User’s query into ad text can be spontaneously comprised by Dynamic Keyword Insertion or Keyword insertion in general.

What is Phrase match? How do you represent it? What keyword match type is used by Google if you do not specify a match?

Phrase match ensures your ad to be exhibited to the prospective users when they search the exact similar keywords along with some more words.

Can you directly link to a product brochure in PDF in your AdWords ad?

No, this is not possible.

Which report permits you to view performance data for search queries that triggered your ad and received clicks in AdWords?

Search Term Report is the unique report that assists marketers to view performance data for search queries that might have activated the ad and received clicks in AdWords.

Does Google page rank (PR) of a landing page support in quality score?

No, both page rank and quality score are not at all related to each other.

What is the difference between CPM, CPC and CPV bidding?

CPM: Cost Per Thousand is the cost that marketer agrees to pay for per thousand impressions they receive. The cost has no relation with ad clicks.

CPC: Cost Per Click is the value that advertisers agrees to pay only for the clicks they receive on the landing page.

CPV: Cost Per View is the cost that advertisers pay for each user view of an advertisement or website. (Generally used with pop-ups, pop-unders and interested ads). Cost per view on YouTube is more associated with video marketing, where you pay Google for showing your ad.  CPV is also known as cost per visitors where advertisers pay for driving each unique visitor on their website.

There is situation where advertiser gives you a call and they are not able to view their ads on search network when they search for their keywords. What is the reason behind this?

The key reason behind this is:

  • The keywords they are searching for may not be included in the Adwords account.
  • Ads might have disapproved
  • Location where they are searching the ads may not be proficient

However by preparing these questions one can crack the interviews with ease and confidence. If you found this interesting and valuable then you can also check our search engine marketing course that will assist you to boost your SEM skills.

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