How To Plan Effective SEM Strategy?

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There are two leading players in digital marketing i.e. SEO and SEM which has power to change the entire game of advertising. To manage these two components in digital one has to plan their strategy in a well-defined manner to achieve their goals. SEM stands for search engine marketing and it is the best source for businesses to get the prompt results and enhance business. But the competition on these channels has raised the bar to the highest level of pyramid and marketers are putting their efforts to get the best return on investment.

Let’s dive into some high performing strategies that will help you to improve your performance in SEM:

Localize your Ads as per region-specific campaigns:

One of the finest PPC strategies is to offer your audience essence of their region in the campaigns. It is always suggested to stick to the roots thus any ad campaign connecting with the user’s local features would be valued.

To be accurate let’s consider an Adword campaign that helps to generate leads for residential real estate firm. If someone searches for “1bhk flats for sale in Malad” and the ads says “Buy 1bhk flats in Malad” rather than “buy 1bhk flats in Mumbai”, there is a high possibilities that audiences will check on the ad as it matches their preferences. This can be connected with AD modification as well.

To be more precise about regional ads, marketers need to understand the intentions of the consumers based on their location of the search. Another key reason to have a region-specific campaign is that bidding of keywords differs based on the competition in each location. If the ad is disqualified to perform in the sale of a specific region then the search impression can’t find it. It is wise to initiate unique campaign for vital region and adjust the bid accordingly.  

Give Google A Chance for Automatic Bidding

People get more connected towards the automatic techniques but sometimes advertisers get suspicious with automatic bidding practices with the anxiety of dropping control over campaigns. But if marketers win over the anxiety and give one opportunity for auto bidding based on their goals then it can perform much better for the campaigns.

If the goal of the campaigns is to generate number of conversion then one should select for Enhance CPC auto-bidding. This bidding will work automatically based on the possibility of a click revolving into conversion. How does Google understand it? The key reason behind this is, Google is based on its machine learning algorithm which has monitored former data of conversions in terms of location, day, time, browser, device etc. and fetch the data. Thus give the valuable bidding choice to Google to the point and monitor the outcomes. The chances are still there to control as one can change the base bid and Google can increase or decrease only up to 30 percent. However, based on the company’s goals, there is an automatic bid strategy marketers can utilize.


Talk the same language – landing page customization

Advertisements are just a slice of fruits served in the bowl which fascinates audiences to click on the ads and check the main motive. The users are always eager to taste the flavor therefore it is important to have a connection between ad content and landing page content. This plays a crucial role in augmenting landing page experience for the audiences and leads them to take the desired action. Thus it is always suggested to have a bonding between ad copies and landing page content.

Know the Real Prospect

First understand what do real prospects mean? There are number of people who are searching for the product or services without any research. Marketers have to understand the needs and fulfill their requirement with the help of remarketing list for search Ads (RLSA) and customer match. By using remarketing list for search ads, one can display ads to people who have visited a specific page of the website when they were searching for keywords again. On the other hand marketer can create a related audience from remarketing list and portray their ads to only people who are matching the features of their listed audience and search for the keywords.

Also, one can upload their consumers list to Adwords and display ads to people matching the features of these viewers.

Device customization

With the growing popularity of mobile devices, its traffic has become mandatory for marketers to pay heed to the performance of Adwords. It is important to consider that the website has to be responsive on mobile devices.

Understand when not to Bid – Ad scheduling

Marketers need to think smartly when not to portray on Google Search. It is not possible to have great results 24/7. Sometimes business have to face ups and down in marketing thus it is crucial for promoters to keep their eye balls on analytics. This will help to monitor and understand the statistic and metrics based on the volume of the traffic one receive. And accordingly they can process the data and take the intuitive decision about the bidding.

It’s good to know your search impression share

Before jumping into remarketing list of search ads or consumer match, marketer should check search impression share for all the searches happened. This statistics will reveal what things were missing out and what should be your bid to fulfill the gap. Once the empty space is filled as per company goals, marketers can analyze with RLSA or consumer match and monitor the difference it is making.

Raise above high volume and competitive keywords

It’s a fact that advertisers should bid on keywords having high search volume which increases the website traffic and eventually enhances the businesses. But please don’t avoid that all the rivals right from big brands to new bees are aiming these keywords. There is one thing that promoters forget is broad-phrase keywords. These keywords might be having low volume but if placed together will be equal to one of the high volume keywords and the best part is no one is bidding for such keywords.

Search engine marketing is all about testing new methods and techniques to get the best out of each amount spend. Google always comes up with new key elements to its bracket regularly thus it is important to keep trying one after the other to check what works better for the Adwords campaigns.  

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