How To Improve An Adwords Quality Score?

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Trying to excel PPC then you need to acquire knowledge about an Adwords Quality Score. The quality score in Adwords plays a crucial role in defining the cost, efficiency and success of PPC campaigns.

What is a Quality Score and how does it matters?

Google possess rating on ads comprising the excellence and importance of both the keywords and ads. It is about how outstanding the ad is at fulfilling the customers’ needs which provides both significance and value. SEO specialists are quite familiar with these terms and the same principles apply to PPC ads.

Quality Score has an important impact over the cost of campaigns, defining how much one pay for each click. In simple words, Top quality score assure top ad ranking and lower costs. There are number of factors that help to identify the quality score of PPC advertising such as click through rates, landing pages, historical performance, keywords relevancy and Ad relevancy.

Let’s check each and every factor that helps to gain the best quality score for PPC advertising:

Keyword Relevance: It is one of the crucial factors that help to improve your quality score thus make the initial keyword research phase accurate. Always concentrate on the most precise keywords along with long phrase for the campaign in order to enhance relevancy and get the maximum traffic.  Once you recognize the appropriate keywords then manage them into proficient group that can be used for individual campaigns. Try to elude number of comprehensive ad groups, as these can reduce your quality score. As a substitute make a small targeted ad groups which will contribute towards a successful campaigns.  Make sure to manage this phase of the campaign accurately to be in a better position and enhance the quality score.

Landing Page Experience:  The procedure of clicking through ad to the landing page should offer a consistent experience that connects the consumers flawlessly right from their initial search query to the conversion.  Landing pages is an integral part of quality score thus it is important to follow the ideal practices for optimizing landing pages:

  • Informative, precise and relevant content
  • Proper navigation with strong UX/UI
  • Mobile friendly
  • Ensure no broken Links

Well-optimized landing pages are not only used to gratify Google but also improve conversion rate which is the ultimate goal.

CTR: The click through rate is the most powerful element in defining the quality score.  It’s a sign of how fascinating and useful ads are to search engine audiences.  People find it convenient to pay attention towards the CTR, rather than the quality score, as it is bit obvious in terms of the contributing factors. One of the key elements in enhancing CTR is the ad copy. Make sure the ads are magnificent and people desire to click on ads when it is displayed. For this marketers have to experiment and find out what works better.  Moreover you should always create ad copy that not only boost the click through rates but also have relevancy to the landing page.

Historical Account Performance:  If you possess a bad credit score rating then it may hit financially and indicates the lender that you are at high-risk borrower. Whereas Historical Account performance can impact the quality score in Adwords as it plays a key role in scoring the value. Thus if you have a history with low quality scores, then Google is expected to penalize your existing quality scores.  For this marketers have to build credibility, high quality score with clean history to run smoothly on Google.

Ad Rank: Ad Rank identifies the position of the ad in the search engine result pages and it is based on bid amount, quality score and the expected performance.  Once the quality score get enhanced then Ad Rank automatically boosts the ads to occupy the top positions and click through rates get improved.

Therefore concentrate on quality, reliability and enhancing click through rates to run the ad campaigns successfully without any barrier. Just make sure quality score is just a contributing component to the overall success of your campaigns.

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