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The key factor that makes digital to stand out from the crowd of traditional style of marketing is “Measurement”.  It has power to analyze each marketing campaign and the ability to measure the return on investment. The strength for the achievement of digital marketing is web analytics and Google plays a crucial role in this aspect with ‘Google Analytics’. It assures the demand of Google Analytics experts in the industry. The scales of Analytics questions for interviews are intensifying day by day. Organizations search for talented, acknowledged candidate who can handle their day to day marketing activities and fits into their job criteria.

Let’s dive into Google Analytics Interview Questions & Answers – 2018

What is Google Analytics?

  • It is free website analysis platform provided by Google that assist marketers to monitor measure and report site analysis.
  • Once the script gets incorporated to the website, the marketers can measure the performance of the website in diverse methods. For example – engagement, conversion and visitor’s flow
  • It facilitates marketers to monitor the information about the performance of the site and help in making the decisions to enhance the site traffic and revenue.


What are the Google Analytics Goals?

Goals can be assumed as the vital site activities that marketers need to monitor in Google Analytics. Such website activities are deliberated as Google Analytics Goals that digital marketing expert uses to analyze which type of campaign is performing well with visitor and which do not. Diverse sorts of Google Analytics Goals are:

  • Destination is the defined location that helps audiences to reach within the website
  • Duration helps you to understand how long your user’s site visits last
  • Page visit communicates about the pages and visitors during a single visit.
  • Events make you understand about the actions guests take during a visit such as ad clicks or social media shares.

What is meant by conversions and how will you track conversions through GA?

A conversion happens when predefined GA goals are achieved thus creating profits to the business.

It can be assumed as, when a guest takes any desired actions on the website such as filling the forms, signing up, enquiring about the services or buying a product etc.  Goals are utilized in Google Analytics to set the conversion tracking.

What is meant by KPI in Analytics?

The term KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. Its metric assist marketers to monitor their website based on the diverse business goals. Few of the prominent examples of KPI are:

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Average Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Conversion rate etc

What is a session in GA?

Whenever a guest visits a website the sessions get started. In Google Analytics, a session can last for maximum 30 minutes if you do not perform any activity.

  • A new session begins in Google analytics if the source changes
  • For examples, one session will start if you visit from organic search results, but if you open same site from PPC then that session will be counted as second session.

Which is more significant – Bounce Rate or Exit Rate?

Both are equally significant when evaluating the site performance; however their prominence depends upon the number of factors such as high leave rate of contact pages, Thanks page or channels end page.

  • Bounce rate is the measurement of visitors who come to the website and leave without viewing any other pages on website.
  • Exit Rate is the percentage of visitors who left the website from a particular page to another page on the website.

Is it possible to track Google AdSense Campaigns with Google Analytics?

Yes, Google Analytics determine the achievements of the Google AdSence Campaigns.

  • If you would likely make income through AdSense then utilize Google Analytics Pages report.
  • This will assist with comprehensive details of which website page performed best in regards to making AdSence Income.

What is recommended by conversions and in what way you will track conversion through GA?

In Google Analytics conversions truly happens when any predefined goals get achieved. One can track conversion by-

  • Creating Your Tracking URL
  • Utilizing Your Tracking URL
  • Defining Your Goal

How to track and enhance e-commerce sales through GA?

Make use of Google Analytics Goal Funnel elements to monitor overall success of your e-commerce activities. It can directly take you through individual shopping Basket exchanges and can facilitate you to track the sales conversions and other related objectives.

What is benchmarking in GA?

Benchmarking is kind of metric that inspires marketers to differentiate website’s performance to its former results and to your industry’s average. It is relatively beneficial in providing valuable prospective to your business by giving in-depth details about the industry trends that facilitate you to compare with your competitors.

What is Funnel in Goals?

Funnels in Goals can be anticipated as the preparation of the pages, which are likely to be retrieved to reach the destination page to accomplish the goals. For example, Funnel of an e-commerce site can be Add to Cart=> Sign in/signup=> Make Payment=>Thank You Page.

What is Acquisition report in GA?

Acquisition reports in Google Analytics comprises of knowledge about diverse online marketing techniques that fascinates most of the visitors to the website.

  • The Acquisitions reports highlights about the user Acquisitions by channels, keywords, campaigns and social media.
  • It also updates marketers about the source of your website visitors such as search engines, social networks or website referrals.

What is Behaviour in Google Analytics?

  • Behaviour analysis facilitates you to understand how visitors act through your website and how they interact with the given content.
  • It assists you to evaluate the website performance, content, visitor’s actions and conversion as per the behavioral preferences of your site visitors.

What is Report in Google Analytics?

Report in Google Analytics is used to recognize the landing pages that should be revised or redesigned to be more practical.

How many forms of custom reports are there in Google Analytics?

There are 3 forms of custom reports in Google Analytics-

  • Explorer
  • Flat Table
  • Map Overlay

What is Map Overlay in Google Analytics?

Map Overlay comprises a map of the diverse regions and countries which indicates the traffic, engagement volume with appropriate locations in darker shades.

What is site search button?

With the site search button marketers will understand what the audiences are searching for when they come to the website.

Define Cohort in Google Analytics?

Cohort can be considered as group of audiences who share the similar content at the same time.  It involves 4 components such as Cohort type, Cohort size, Metric, Date range.

How can you recognize the keywords that are conveying paid traffic to your site?

We can recognize the keywords by using keywords column in GA, to check the traffic that is coming from paid or organic sources.

How can you identify where your website visitors are clicking the most?

In-Page analytics, of Google Analytics helps to recognize about where the website visitors are clicking the most.

How to track user engagement on website that select using Flash or AJAX and are located on one HTML page?

To track user engagement on such websites, you can use Event tracking or track interaction as Pageviews and set goals.

What are the three elements of Event Tracking?

Three elements of event tracking are-

  • Categories
  • Actions
  • Labels

How to set up and install tracking for mobile apps?

Steps to set up and install tracking for mobile apps are

  1. Allow app install tracking in your account for android and iOS
  2. Update your Analytics SDK for android and iOS
  3. Set up Custom Campaigns.

What is RPC in Google Analytics?

RPC stands for revenue per click, which is one of the most significant metrics in Google Analytics for E-Commerce tracking.

How can you recognize the most trending pages of your site in GA?

With the help of Behaviour Section in GA you can check out the top 10 trending content of your site.

What is the difference between Clicks and Visits?

  • Clicks – Any action performed on a site or on a particular product is known as clicks
  • Visit – whereas spending of time by users on a website is called visit

Name the different types of product linking in Google Analytics?

There are ten types of Product Linking in Google Analytics-

  1. Adwords linking
  2. Ad sense linking
  3. Ad exchange linking
  4. Big Query
  5. DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
  6. DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  7. DoubleClick Search
  8. Google Play
  9. Postbacks
  10. Search Console

What is the formula of ROI?

ROI term stands for Return on Investments and the formula to calculate this is- (Revenue – Cost) / Cost

What are the top channels Google Analytics uses to track the traffic sources?

Top Channels that Google Analytics uses to track traffic sources are-

  • Organic Search
  • Paid Search
  • Direct
  • Referral
  • Social
  • Others

How can you create your goal in Google Analytics?

For creating your goal in Google Analytics, One needs to follow below given four steps-

  1. Click “Admin” in the navigation bar
  2. Click “Goals” under View
  3. Click “+New Goal
  4. Create your goal by following the wizard

How will you explain these reports in Google Analytics?

  1. Reverse Goal Path Report
  2. Model Comparison Tool
  3. Behavior Flow Report

The reports in Google Analytics help to analysis each and every aspect of marketing campaigns such as

Reverse Goal Path Report: This report discloses the defined page on which a specific conversion is taken place along with the previous track of 3 pages in which the visitors have navigated.

Model Comparison Tool:  Marketing had never driven on a straight lane i.e. People watch advertisements, understand about the product or services key features, like the product and then make a purchase. With the flow of digital marketing, the number of different modes towards the drive has increased astonishingly. The model comparison tool facilitate to compare the conversion metric by utilizing diverse attribution modeling like last non-direct click, last Adwords click, first interaction, direct time decline and position based.  By default, all other reports in analytics track last interaction attribution model.

Behavior Flow Report: It display the visual representation of user’s behavior on the website i.e. navigation from one page to other. This report is very crucial in rectifying the best performing content and content issues on the site.

Conclusion: By understanding and acknowledging these Google Analytics Questions & Answers guide helps to boost confidence, build personality and make it easy to crack the interviews with convenience.  In case you desire to acquire Google Analytics in more broad-spectrum way, then you should join Web Analytics Training that assists you to be a certified Google Analytics Expert.

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