Top 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid in Google Adwords

Top 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid in Google Adwords ProiDeators

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Google Adwords are defined as paid ads that are often used in the businesses to get quick results for the ads running on diverse platforms. It is also known as PPC and search engine marketing in digital platforms.  Pay Per Clicks Ads drive more traffic towards the landing page of a websites and also converts viewers into customers.

If Google Ads are executed accurately then it provides best return on investment and this can be possible if you avoid the below 5 common mistakes in your campaigns:

Not using proper keyword match:  There are 3 types of keywords that advertisers must be familiar with,

Broad Match – broad match keywords consist of the term that involves primary keywords as well as synonyms of the keywords. For Example- (digital marketing certification course), it is found that 90% clicks you will get if you target broad match

Phrase match – Phrase match come in the sentence form where you can implement your keywords. Example; ‘’best digital marketing certification course in Thane’’

Exact match – This helps you to search for exact term for the keywords matched with the particular word.  [Digital marketing]

People often make the mistake of using wrong keywords match type. Google permit to use all 3 types of keywords for your campaigns but before executing these keywords understand what your audience are exactly searching for. Keyword plays a crucial role when it comes to search. Search term has to be as per searches and relates to your business. With the help of Keyword planner tool you can analyze the keywords and use it for your business.

Lack of Ad Extensions: When you create Ad campaigns there is always a word limit and Google has given us a features that compliments your ads with ad extensions. These extensions enhance your Ad copy make audience understand ad on features through this extensions. People can make use of sitelinks, call out, location extensions etc to highlight more about the ads. Most of the time people don’t make proper use of these extensions and fails to yield good ROI.

Not bidding on your brand keywords: In order to increase conversion you should bid on your brand keywords.  But for this you need to pay attentions to your brand value before bidding.  According to recent survey, 65% audience will pay more for the product if the brand delivers positive feedback and loyal customer experience. Thus you must try to increase your brand value by utilizing diverse techniques for your paid campaigns.

Not testing the optimal ad positions:  In this scenario it is important to bid more that other advertisers who are targeting on the same keywords. In this situation your ads are more likely to be on top, assuming both have same quality score. Thus if you analyze your competitors keywords pricing you can bid little higher as compare to your rivals to get the good positions.

Experiments: It is important to experiment with your ads. AB testing should be there in your concept because without analyzing how can you run your ad campaigns. Experiments in paid ads are important. It is not necessary that same strategy can help you optimize result in PPC. Experiments features of Google Ads is a vital elements and most of the time people don’t use it properly.

Initially it facilitates advertisers to run split test to search better working variables. It is easy to test diverse landing pages, keyword match types, keywords and so on. You can set the specific amount of traffic you want to check with your experiments.

However running successful paid ads campaigns hassle free requires times, efforts and experiments to get the desired result in Google Ads. Thus never get disappointed with paid campaigns if you fail to optimize the best result for the company. Keep trying and testing the campaigns to achieve your company goals.

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