How to Create a Social Media Calendar to Plan Your Content?

How to Create a Social Media Calendar to Plan Your Content

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Most advertisers now understand that social media is an essential elements to an effective marketing strategy. Currently there are number of social media platform available which need to be planned and well organized for when and what will be shared on these platforms. Before jumping into the blog directly let’s understand what social media calendar is and why it is essential for business:

What is social media calendar?

Social media calendar is a note of upcoming things that need to be organized with date and time in advance before publishing. It’s a kind of calendar which can show as spreadsheet, digital calendar or any interactive dashboard.

To get the most value out of social media calendar, it may involve the following:

The date and time when post will go live

The social media account or network will go live

Mention the ad copy, hashtags, links and graphics.

The date and time of video or reels will go live

Story that will be kept on social media platform to interact with users

How to create a social media calendar?

To create a useful social media calendar you should involve:

Conduct a social media audit: Social media audit helps you to understand social media presence, accounts, and engagement with users. According to that you can further plans and strategy to implement in future.

Choose your social media channels:

Once you are done with the auditing, you should plan which channels you need to select where you can reach your potential audience. Also try to analyze what kind of content your audience enjoys the most.

Here you can monitor Facebook, instagram, youtube, snapchat and other platforms where people are often available.

Checkout what your calendar should include:

Social media calendar should be comprehensive to your business goals and objectives thus you need to checkout certain information in your calendar to get the desired results.

To begin with your calendar:

Start what channel you will be using first

  • Pick day and time your post will be published
  • Try to reach your audience with engaging content
  • You can plan quiz or puzzle for your targeted audience
  • Pick alternate week or day to publish your video content or reels
  • Try to link your graphics or video to the website
  • As you become professional in content calendar expand your journey and jump into creative shoppable post, going live with audience, creating entertaining reels to engage with your audience.

Get your Team Suggestions:

Once your calendar is ready you can take the second opinion with your team or ask them to suggest some other feedback to include in the content calendar. This will help you to understand what your age group people are thinking about the strategy. Also this will help you to find new ways to reach and expand your idea.

Which Tools are best for creating social media content Calendar?

There are number of paid and free tools available online where you can create social media content calendar. However you can take the help of hubspot tool, Microsoft excel, hootsuite, evernote, sprout social, etc.

If you are new to the industry then you can take the help of social media template available online which can help you in different ways. You can understand how the things work on and accordingly you can utilize for yourself.

Conclusions: Before jumping in the ground directly it is important to make the strategy, audit the platform and understand your targeted audience. Content calendar is the best way to plan and implement your strategy smoothly and effectively on the social media platform.

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