5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Instagram Platform

5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Instagram Platform

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Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms that grab millions of eyeballs all around the world. People love to connect, share videos, and create reels and stories with their potential audience. Businesses are taking advantage to get their brand presence through Instagram and other social media platforms. However Instagram provides a number of features to its users in which some are comparatively unidentified or just unfamiliar.

Our team of social media experts have come with such hidden features that you might have not explored about Instagram which can help you in future. So just take a look on below pointers:

Getting unintentionally deleted posts or reels back: 

Most of the time whenever people are in a hurry they create a mess while posting their favourite post or reels in their Instagram platform and unintentionally they delete that post. In this case, people get worried and stressed to get their original post back in feeds. The instagram features facilitate you to get any post, stories, and reel back within 30 days of clicking on the delete button.

Let’s check how:

Go to your profile screen and click on the three bars on the right at the top of the setting account. Now choose the post of your choice and click on three dots on your bottom right to get the option to revive it or delete it permanently. You can select the post that you want to restore back and save it again to the post or reel options.

Custom activity status:

When you want to share your instagram status with your friends and relatives without contacting them then here is an option. You need to download another app called ‘Threads’ which will help you to set a custom status in a form of sentence and emoji that your friend can view at any given moment. With the help of this app you can inform your friends that you are busy at work and chilling at home.

Sharing posts on video calls: have you ever thought to share a meme with your friends to check out their real reactions instead of some normal emoji. In this case instagram has come up with this new feature that will make you smile.

In a recent update Instagram has added the features to share your saved post, liked post, and normal instagram feed while you are on a call. To access this features while on a video call you need to follow the below steps:

Click on the media option, share your desired post with the person and there you go! Now you can react to that video or post live with your friends over a video call.

Reviewing your ad activity:

Many times it happens when ads pop up on instagram feeds we check those ads and move further. Sometimes we forget to chase that brand and follow the account. In this case one can find that desired instagram account again. You just need to go to your profile screen option, click on the three bars on the top right on setting ads. Click on ad activity and you will find all advertisements that you have recently viewed or liked on their account.

Hiding Unwanted Tags on Posts:

Tags can be an outstanding way to advertise your brand by being included in other user’s pictures. But sometimes you get tagged unknowingly in the content where you are not associated with it. Thus instagram feature will assist you to tackle the problem and you can hide the photos your followers won’t see them.

The option to hide all tagged pictures is available on your profile. There is an icon below your bio, click on the one with a person on a box to the left of the bookmark icon. This will take you to the picture of your page. However the post won’t be removed from Instagram, but they won’t appear on your profile.

You can still choose to display tagged pictures on your profile if you want to approve each post individually. For this option you need to click under photos and then click on setting and click add manually in the tagging option. You are all set to tag again.

Conclusions: Stays connected to get such tricks and trends about social media platforms and stay with the trends.

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