Top 5 books every Digital Marketer must read

Top 5 books every Digital Marketer must read Tech Library

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Ever changing dynamics of Digital Marketing prompts its professional to stay updated with all the new tolls and their understandings.  Jim Rohn says, “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary”. These words should be hammered in ones brain so as to become a pro in Digital Marketing.  Through these books, you will have a proper understanding of how everything works in this industry.

Have a look at these 5 book titles. Learnings from these books will help you in your digital marketing career.

Book 1

 Title- You’re My Favorite Client

Author- Mike Monteiro

This book has humor, quotes, sayings and some deep learning for the people who have just started their career. A client’s perception is of utmost importance when you have to create a campaign. It will give you a sneak peek of behind the scenes of how web designers work. This book will tell you how to hire designers, how to assess the designs.

Book 2

Title- All Marketers are Liars

Author- Seth Godin

It’s a must read book for marketers and consumers.  It familiarizes us to the fundamentals of marketing. Marketers will improvise their strategies and consumers will understand why they end up buying a certain thing in particular. This book explains marketing through storytelling and urges business owners to tell stories about their products/services. People tend to remember stories which should be taken into consideration while selling. After you read this book, it will make you rethink your purchase decisions as a consumer.

Book 3

Title- Global Content Marketing

Author- Pam Didner

Global Content Marketing is a quick read, especially for those who want to brush up on the basics of marketing. Pam Didner has simplified the complex concepts if marketing in this book and hence it gets registered quickly in a readers mind. Her book will guide you on how you can use content marketing to build relationships with your customers. For people who want to learn content marketing and want to go global. This books is a must read for such people. It gets you to learn on your own how you could strategize your content and market it well so as to have a global reach.

Book 4

Title- The Power of Visual Storytelling

Author- Ekaterina Walter

The constant pressure of being creative is driving marketers to have more creative heads working for them. Creativity is the only way; marketers can grab the attention of potential customers. Simplest of the simple products also should pour out creativity. This book is all about how visual storytelling is effective in seeking attention of your probable customers. Ekaterina Walter gives an overview of the impact of storytelling in marketing.

Book 5

Title- Tribes

Author- Seth Godin

Seth Godin beautifully explains through this book how humans form groups and stick to those groups and communities. We strictly abide by the rules of the community to live in harmony. This book will teach you to always follow your passion because only then you will emerge as a leader. Unless you take risks, you will never learn to be a good leader of your tribe( digital expert). This book is structured so well that you can actually visualize how digital communities work to be able become future leaders on the web.

The books mentioned above are penned down by some of the renowned industry experts who have seen the digital marketing industry grow closely. These books will force you to think unconventionally and prompt you to have an innovative approach towards your work. The skills which you will develop after reading these books will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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