Digital Marketing Skills will help me to start with Freelancing work – Afsana Safiulla Shuttari

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Digital marketing skills can certainly help you start freelancing work anywhere anytime.  Work that can be done at your comfort zone without compromising your personal stuff is a freelancing job in digital marketing.  Digital marketing is a new technique to reach a wider audience for your brand and connect with new audiences across the globe.

During one of our online webinars we have invited Afsana Safiulla Shuttari, one of our former students of ProiDeators who has recently completed her online session from the institute. She is currently in UAE and joined this course to start with freelancing work.  However UAE has a thriving digital landscape with a significant online presence, making it an ideal market for digital marketing services. During the webinar we asked a few questions to our trainee about her experience goals and objective for digital marketing. Being honest she has shared her experiences with us, let’s read her story in her own words:

Hello Afsana, Glad to connect with you! Before heading further we would like to know a bit about you?

Myself Afsana Safiulla Shuttari and currently I am in UAE. I have worked in different domains like the cruise industry and back office and hotel industry.  The key reason to start with a Master’s program in digital marketing is to start with freelancing work.  So I have taken a break from the job and completed my digital marketing certification course.

What are your qualifications and why did you join the digital marketing course?

I have completed a bachelor degree in Plus I have done a diploma in aviation, hospitality and travel management. I have experience in different fields like in the cruise industry and back office and hotel industry. Staying in UAE without any earning is the biggest challenge for the working professionals. Thus I planned to learn new skills and joined a digital marketing course at ProiDeators.

What are your goals after completing the digital marketing course?

My goal is to work in the digital marketing domain full time or as a freelancer. Therefore I have completed the course and started searching for opportunities to grab in this domain.

Tell us the best experience you had with Proideators as a learner?

I have enrolled for an online digital marketing session where I had live sessions with industry experts. The institute provides live sessions with the trainers and 4-5 students in one group. Learning becomes easy, effortless and smooth. This was the best experience I had as a learner.  Trainers and other management staff are really good. I appreciate their dedication towards each and every student.

How did you differentiate Proideators from others?

I have checked many Institutes but I couldn’t find online training programs like Proideators. They provide personalized small group training which is live. If the students missed any topics those topics can be rescheduled in next classes. Timings are flexible for each student and they arrange trainers according to the given schedules. These efforts and journey makes Proideators stand apart from the crowd.

One Piece of advice you would like to share with other working professionals?

Working professionals must learn new trends and techniques as per the industry norm to improve their skills.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us Afsana. All the best from our team for your future prospects!

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