Guidance For New Learners to Understand The Concept of Bing Webmaster Tools:

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When it comes to search engines, how can someone forget about Bing? Bing webmaster tools are also known as Bing Webmaster Center that provides a free service for its users. Bing search engine enables a user troubleshooting crawling and also allows him to add their websites to the Bing index crawler. It also lets you create new sitemaps, submitting URLs, ping tools and website indexing and many more. Bing webmaster tools have many features to offer. The webmasters can use all these features after verifying the ownership of their website by using different procedures like Meta tag verification, XML verification, domain connect, etc.

Seems like you are a new learner and may be, that’s why you are here, reading this blog.

Given below are some tips for a new learner to help them with the understanding of the concept of Bing webmaster tools:

First thing first: Add a website.

It is the most basic and most straightforward task. You first need to Log in to the site. After logging in, you just need to type the URL for the homepage of your website and click on the “Add” button. After this step, you will see a screen where it will ask you to enter some necessary and basic information, and you have to act accordingly.

What’s next after your site is verified? – Site dashboard:

After getting done with your verification, it might take Bing a couple of days to collect all the data and display them in case of newly added sites. The user interface offered by Bing webmaster is quite user-friendly, as it enables you to run several websites from one single account.

There is a page called my site page, from where you will be able to access the site dashboard once your website is verified. Here you can get access to your past activities, the sitemaps that you have submitted, top keywords, inbound links, and a list of URL diagnostic tools. You can also explore more by clicking the left navigation key and also can configure your site.

Sitemaps play a potential role. Here’s why:

By submitting the sitemaps, you are helping Bing to understand your expectations and the nature of your website.

Parameters of URLs:

You can simply add the parameters of your sites on bing webmasters tools in order to instruct bing to avoid this kind of links.

Crawling control:

You can control the way the bots of bing crawl onto your site. You can determine the time when they crawl in your websites. You can thus allow the crawling in your site when it is free and least busy. This will help you generate more traffic.

Blocking URLs:

In case, you wish to remove any tags or directories; then there is a feature in bing webmaster tools which will help you in doing so. It comes with a block URL feature, by using which you can block or prevent a particular page from being indexed.

Final words:

In this fast-paced moving and highly competitive world, you need to be more careful and confident in your abilities. Providing an effective presentation to your website is very important. But this task is certainly not easy. Using bing webmaster tool to enhance your online presence allows you to observe and detect the performance of your website and also enable you to upgrade it.

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