How Indian political campaigns enhanced its presence through digital marketing strategies?

How Indian political campaigns enhanced its presence through digital marketing strategies Proideators

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Politics is no exclusion to an identical in the sense that modern politics is considered by the emergence of many flourishing (and botched) political brands. A layman might not relate politics with the pitch of branding but with time, credit goes to the altering paradigms, this feature of modern-day democracy has become identical with branding.

Digital Marketing has become a basic need of the day, it is for every genre. It is compulsory as it helps people identify and understand your business. If suitable carrying out of online branding is not done, then the business, what’s left unknown to its apparent clients.

The modern voter behaves more like a customer who is out to pay for into the principles of the candidates and, on being persuaded, purchases (that’s votes for that party) a specific product (candidate or party) based on the promises written in the manifesto. An unbeaten political brand helps the contender/party connect better with the voters as compared to its rivals. The vice versa also holds true for an unsuccessful political brand.

Social media played a key role to enhance the peoples to choose their own choices. By observing this nature of general public, Political parties are getting their arsenal ready to combat in association of formidable cyber army.

Impact of Social Media on Indian Politics

  • The utilize of social media for politicians including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has radically distorted the way campaigns are run.
  • Social media played an active role in deciding which party wins the maximum seats.
  • Facebook users have a wonderful contact over the results of the polls in 160 of India‘s 543 constituency.
  • The youth is tech savoir-faire and love being linked with simplified trends and topics.

War rooms are getting prepared and number of volunteers being taught in data analytics and communication through digital platforms as parties to keep an on the peoples’ choice.

The ‘brand imaging’ of a political party or a chief is one of the most vital and ideal facts that go into the political marketing campaigns of the party. It is a ‘brand’ that convince peoples to gain votes and eventually faith also. In this digital era, campaigning has prolonged by leaps and bounds and has been wrapped up into different areas such as forums, hangouts, chats, tweets, blogs, exceptional agendas for promotions and other social platforms. Therefore, exertion can be addressed while campaigning and at the same time, contribution of public can also be encouraged – thus proving the value and aptitude of the political party or the leader.

We know that the populace of voters and a variety of avenues for influencing that population become broader when using social media for political campaigns. Clear, deliberate and convincing efforts can boost support from an extensive audience, who are looking for genuineness from their legislative body on social media.

The dimension of a superior political campaign is the contribution of the public. Social platforms have helped political parties boost the voter base and open statement to a point that people everywhere can request questions, make their opinions perceptible and go straight to the candidates for answers. Make the most of it by prioritizing digital policy, above all other forms of campaigning, and assemble your audience where they live—social media.

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