LinkedIn Rolls out SEO Tips to Boost Your Company page

LinkedIn Rolls out SEO Tips to Boost Your Company page Proideators

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LinkedIn is a renowned connected and highly active platforms for professionals and makes the most relevant social media platform to connect with people based on their job and employment. Company pages in LinkedIn are the best in terms of HRM and B2B prospective deals where 94% of the recruiters prefer to use LinkedIn as a major platform for hiring skilled employees. It is more likely to close deals with their companies based on their company profiles and popularity. Keeping this in mind, and to provide a higher base for companies having their profile on the site, LinkedIn has rolled out certain tips that will surely boost your company profile’s SEO.

Start optimizing for keywords

Keywords are the importance of SEO even in LinkedIn. Selection of keywords for your company’s LinkedIn profile depends on the crucial understanding of what are the key offerings or value proposition or the unique selling proposition. A proper plan and strategy towards developing an integrating the primary and secondary keywords complete the major part of the hurdle. Next, what is needed is effective tracking and formulating the findings to understand the effectiveness of each keyword.

There are few tools that are suggested by peers from every industry for keyword research in a LinkedIn page such as;

  • Google Search Console/Keyword Planner
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • SEMRush

Also, LinkedIn has made it an official declaration of the strategy that needs to be followed for better keyword integration and SEO. Optimize your company page including the following process,

  • Vision: Where exactly you wish to take your company in the future?
  • Mission: How do you plan to achieve your vision for the company?
  • Values: What value do you offer to your marketplace? Who are you?
  • Positioning: What is the USP of your brand?
  • Tagline: Your brand summed up in a line.
  • Products/Services: List up what all you provide

Once you are done with all these, don’t forget to add the link on your website.

Maintain a constant upgrade for the page

The best tip to improve your LinkedIn company profile would be incomplete without the tip to upgrade your page on a regular basis and mark your engagement with the followed people. This will come up with sending an idea to the search engines that your page keeps a constant engagement with the audience and has an update of the recent trends in the market.

The four major upgrades that your company page in LinkedIn needs are;

  1. Additional Options “Above the Fold” also including a new “Call to Action” button
  2. More Administrator Options enabling the marketers and managers to stay in sync with the people.
  3. Content Suggestions in LinkedIn has made it easier for keeping your profiles up to date with the latest trends.
  4. Improvements to Page Activity: Always keep a look of who has liked or commented on any of your earlier posts. Improve your activity in the pages to stay interactive with the market place.

The tips are rolled out by LinkedIn on a note to keep the business run ahead in the competitive race. While hiring and making accords on businesses are more digitally accomplished, LinkedIn is one among the delivered platform for businesses. Don’t let your brand stay behind, stay updated!

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