Online Marketing Made Bona Fide with the Theory of User Segmentation

Online Marketing Made Bona Fide with the Theory of User Segmentation Proideators Digital Marketing

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For any product or company, marketing is the most important part which promotes the brand name and the service user experience. With the improving and evolving technology, the marketing has evolved to be digital. There are many medium available to promote a product or service online. The digital marketing in simple words refers to the banner ads; pop up ads and so on whichever pops in the screen while using the internet.

What is User Segmentation?

Depending on the age skill set and knowledge the users can be categorized into many segments segmentation and understanding of this segmentation is always important in digital marketing.  Why is it important? Well, segmentation helps you to understand the level of expectation and need. Depending on the segments of the users, the quality of the content provided on the screen should also vary.

Entrepreneurs, Make a Note!

When you want to promote your business or brand in the right way, make sure the content and the method of marketing you use is for all segment of people and not only one. Confused if you are on the right track? Well, there are many User segmentation strategy planning companies and consultant companies who help you with strategies, analysis, and monitoring.

Types of User Segmentation Strategies

There are broadly 6 types of User segmentation strategies currently used in the digital market. They are:

Behavioral: This type mainly tracks the frequency of usage of the product or the service by the customer, the pricing they opt for often and the constant expectation and needs. It also depends on the online and offline places and is the basic key to pop the bubble.

Psychographic: This is about studying the activities, interests, and opinions. This is mostly about the brands and economy based. The pricing, product categories, and the other user reviews help with impressing this segment of people.

Demographic: This completely depends on the income, gender, age and so on. This segment is easy to tap as the products are also available in different various ranges and the right words and right time sweeps their foot off.

Geographic: As the name says, this is mostly regarding the location of the livelihood. This is easy to understand and also marketing becomes easy among this segment of customers.

Occasional: This is totally independent of other factors and this is only about the feeling and the occasion. The festivals and celebrations familiar among that region help in understanding the occasion better and right offer on right time yields more profit.

Cultural: This is based on the cultural orientation. Communicating through culture is the most effective way to popularize a brand.

Before The Bottom Line

Whatever be the segment, the customers are the most important factor determining the growth or the decline of a company. The customer segmentation is part of this growth and decline and plays a major part in the same. Choose your customers, understand their segment and promote/ market your product or brand perfect!

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