Proideators Trained us about Social Media, SEO, PPC in a Practical and Systematic Approach “– Aishwarya Nalawde

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Meet Aishwarya Nalawde, passionate learner and dedicated person towards her career. She believes that whether you are working or homemakers one should upgrade their skills to stay ahead in career. During one of our ProiDeators Talk Show we decided to find out some interesting stories about former students of our institute. So let’s read her story in her own words:

Hey Aishwarya, before moving ahead we would like to hear a bit about you?

Myself Aishwarya Nalawde, I have been working in SEO for the past 2.5 years but my job role was to manage offpage optimization of the website. Initially I was enjoying my job but later on it became a tedious and monotonous job for me. There was no upgradation and nothing new in the field. So I decided to join a Digital marketing institute based in Thane Maharashtra. This is one of the leading institutes and best places to learn digital concepts.

What fascinated you to choose us from others in the market?

The structured program in a practical approach fascinated me to choose the institute. Also I have attended live demo session where I understood the entire program in brief.

Tell us your best experience you had with us as a learner or customer?

The best experience I had as a learner was the opportunity to grow in my career. They have trained each and every Topics in a practical manner where they make us to perform in a live project. I have explored deeply about SEO wherein I learn On page, keywords research, competitors analysis, final report generating for the clients and SEO auditing.  Along with this I have gone through SMM and PPC campaigns.

Would you recommend ProiDeators to others?

Yes, 100% I would recommend ProiDeators Institute to other working professionals who are searching for the credible source to upgrade their skills.

One Piece of advice you would like to share with others?

Whether you are in the mid of a digital marketing career or any other domain, enhancing and learning something new is never outdated. So don’t hesitate to talk to the experts and then go for it.

If you had to rate your institute out of 10 what rating would you give?

I would like to give 8.5 out of 10 to the institute

Describe Proideators in one line?

ProiDeators is the best institute for Masters Program in digital marketing.

Well, we are at the end of our discussions. It’s great to hear that you had a positive experience with Proideators’ training program! Social media, SEO, and PPC are all important aspects of digital marketing, and it’s crucial to learn them in a practical and systematic approach in order to be able to apply them effectively. By learning these skills in a practical and systematic way, you’ll be well-equipped to develop and implement successful digital marketing campaigns for yourself or your clients. Good luck on your journey!

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