Social Media Marketing Trends To Check It Out In 2018

Social Media Trends in 2018 - Proideators Digital Marketing Course Training Institute

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Social Media fraternity experienced a lot of trending happening in the year 2017. The year 2018 is just around the corner and the social media fraternity is waiting for the new trends that can influence their social media strategy. Being one of the most powerful domains in digital, it is significant to keep informed with upcoming trends that will sway the social media strategy in the year 2018.

Let’s have a glance at what social media marketing professionals have anticipated for the New Year 2018:

Brands will focus on paid social media rather than organic: Brands are noticing that creating an organic content and making a dedicated post to Facebook or other social media platform works less as compare to sponsored ads.  Facebook organic reach convert into 1% for most pages and thus Facebook is experimenting with the new “Explore Feed”.  Just to keep page active is not justifying the brands anymore thus brands will concentrate more on paid social media strategies to reach their audiences and engage with them more effectively.

Chatbots will transform the social media reaction: Chatbots are gaining lots of popularity thus brands are utilizing these to surge the speed and productivity of their customer service.  These bots may not be as wise as people are expecting but with giant progresses in AI, bots are assured to become wiser like human being.  The brands that are using this bots are likely to grow at a swift pace.

The Use of Twitter will decline further:  As per the research, Twitter has added 12.5 million active users in the past one year as compare to other social media platform. At the same time, Instagram has added more than 200 million monthly active audiences and Facebook has even beat both these platforms by adding 215 million active users.  Slowly and gradually Twitter is losing its impact and its value as a platform for marketing.

Contextual Personalization: At the age of globalization brands has to understand their customers’ needs, pain points and goals. According to their customers preferences they have to plan their strategies. Thus as marketers we need to make our customer feel good and valued by creating personalized experiences.  Creating contextual personalized ads can help consumers to explore more and make their decision faster which increase the conversion rates.  This can be accomplish by using personalized data such as recent views, purchase, intent etc. This permits marketers to reach wider audiences and fulfill their needs on time.

Virtual Reality and Actual Reality Experiences:  VR/AR experiences are going to transform the game of digital marketing, both inbound and outbound. The evolving technology assists you to make your own AR/VR world which is beyond the screen marketing concept. The feeling of experiencing something as it were “live” is extremely amazing and changes the entire game.

Investments in Micro-Moments: Flexibility has transformed everything.  People depend more on smartphones for almost everything. Marketers need to cater and solve the queries that drive consumers to check their phones. These ‘micro-moments’ feed the consumers personal questions and desires.  In small time frame, marketers have to grab the eye balls of the consumers and assist them with the relevant data which can turn it into a lead. This information should be freely accessible, convenient and always responsible. Interfaces such as Google Now are going to become more accessible to promoters, thus they can be prepared in a predictive manner to fulfill the user’s needs.

Influencer Marketing:  According to the recent survey, over 55 % of users don’t rely on business organizations. This is the reason why Influencer marketing has seen in the top of the ladder on social media channels from past couple of years. Influencer promoting brands and driving audiences with their personalized messages will get more efficient grip in 2018. To build the strong relationship and credibility brands have to use the influencer marketing to sell their products and reach their consumers.

Instagram Stories:  Instagram stories is rolling over the internet and grabbing number of attentions in social media platforms. Corporates and brands are using these platforms to explore and sell their products and services. Marketers should always go with the trends if they want to compete with their rivals in digital marketing.

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